From Crime magazine, over the years, thanks to movies like The Silence of the Lambs, public perception about serial killers has become more mythical than factual — in reality, there is no real profile for this rare breed of killer. The mystery of the domestication of the horse has been solved. From TNR, writers discuss whether it makes sense for Obama to run as a populist. Six more months: What can Obama and Romney say? Why do our best and brightest end up in Silicon Valley and not D.C.? America's wunderkinds once looked to politics to make a difference on issues like healthcare reform — now they come to Google Ventures asking Bill Maris for money (while the “unselfconscious, non-ironic use of ‘best and the brightest’ suggests part of the problem”). Much to answer for: Glenn C. Loury on James Q. Wilson’s legacy. Andrew Ferguson and Liberty magazine covered the Libertarian National Convention from the floor of the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas (and part 2 and part 3 and part 4). I’m an article about the Internet that you repost on the Internet. Just put me down as "undecided" — every major is terrible!