A new issue of Foreign Service Journal is out. Joan Stivala (ANU): Death Before Dishonour! Suicide of Christian Victims of Rape. From Enculturation, a roundtable on “Master Hands”, a 1936 film sponsored by the Chevrolet Motor Company that shows the inner workings of a Chevrolet plant in Flint, Michigan. The trouble with Black Studies: Fierce debate breaks out yet again about an ever-controversial field of scholarship — Scott McLemee keeps his eyes on the prize. From SSRC’s Possible Futures blog, Matthew Noah Smith on Occupy’s May Day: All play doesn’t work. Dating fashionable middle-aged people: Illuminating Fashion: Dress in the Art of Medieval France and the Netherlands, 1325–1515 is like many medieval storybooks. The healing power of sex: Put aside your stereotypes about the sex industry and consider that many people, of all sexes and genders, can find the work empowering and healing. Mythos and logos: Paul Kingsnorth on an introduction to Dark Mountain’s aims and its history. Society of the spectacle: Benjamen Walker explores situationism and the legacy of French philosopher Guy Debord's famous phrase (and more).