A new issue of the International Journal of Wellbeing is out. Anne C. Gielen (Maastricht) and Jan C. Van Ours (Tilburg): Unhappiness and Job Finding. Chris Barker and Brian Martin (Wollongong): Participation: The Happiness Connection. From Human Ecology Review, Victor Corral-Verdugo, Jose F. Mireles-Acosta, Cesar Tapia-Fonllem and Blanca Fraijo-Sing (Sonora): Happiness as Correlate of Sustainable Behavior: A Study of Proecological, Frugal, Equitable and Altruistic Actions that Promote Subjective Wellbeing. From New Left Review, William Davies on the political economy of unhappiness. A study finds most people with a mental disorder are happy. From Resurgence, the gift of happiness: Robert Holden, a pioneer of happiness research, explains why it still matters; those engaged in activism — including Transition Town projects — are more likely to flourish than those who are not; and a review of What’s Mine is Yours: How Collaborative Consumption is Changing the Way We Live by Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers. From Cracked, a look at 5 reasons money can buy happiness; and a look at 5 things that make you happier than they probably should.