From the European Journal of International Law, Armin von Bogdandy (Frankfurt) and Ingo Venzke (Amsterdam): In Whose Name? An Investigation of International Courts’ Public Authority and Its Democratic Justification; Stephan W. Schill (Max Planck): W(h)ither Fragmentation? On the Literature and Sociology of International Investment Law; and Rafael Domingo (Navarra): Gaius, Vattel, and the New Global Law Paradigm. From Cadmus Journal, a special issue on Human Capital, including Andreas Bummel on social evolution, global governance and a World Parliament; from European Union to World Union: John McClintock on building effective and democratic global governance; Winston P. Nagan and Garry Jacobs on a new paradigm for global rule of law; Garry Jacobs and Ivo Slaus on limits to growth to limitless growth; John Scales Avery on entropy and economics; and getting risks right: Patrick Liedtke on thoughts about increasing the resilience of the global social and economic system. No globalisation without representation: This is the basis for objecting to the current institutions of global governance.