From Conflict and Communication Online, two issues on journalism in war and peace (and part 2). From Pacific Journalism Review, Rukhsana Aslam (AUT): Peace Journalism: A Paradigm Shift in Traditional Media Approach; and Wendy Bacon (UTS): Investigative Journalism in the Academy: Possibilities for Storytelling Across Time and Space. Originally created for military and intelligence purposes, flying drones are becoming an everyday reality in newsrooms thanks to the recent commercial success of technology. The now-influential network Al Jazeera began in the 1970s as a pet project of a tiny nation's unconventional monarchy (and more). From New York, four decades after Watergate, there’s something that still nags at Ben Bradlee about Deep Throat; and Colin Myler, the Daily News’ new editor, knows his enemies at Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post — maybe too well. A review of Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind by Tim Groseclose. Taking the fight to the Left: Matthew Continetti on combat journalism. The Girl Who Loved Journalists: Eric Alterman on Stieg Larsson’s posthumous gift to an embattled industry.