From Rationality, Markets and Morals, Elinor Ostrom (Indiana): Coevolving Relationships between Political Science and Economics. Are political scientists the new pariahs? Paul Krugman on why we regulate: Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase couldn’t make the reason clearer. What makes someone want to start a business? Philipp Koellinger goes in search of the money gene. Global push to guarantee health coverage leaves U.S. behind: China, Mexico and other countries far less affluent are working to provide medical insurance for all citizens — it's viewed as an economic investment. From State of Nature, a selection of commentaries on recent elections in Greece and France. From NYRB, Robert Darnton writes in defense of the New York Public Library. From Newsweek, a cover story by Andrew Sullivan on Barack Obama: The First Gay President. The graduation wars have begun: As thousands of students at Catholic colleges and universities prepare to celebrate their graduation and take their degrees, their campuses are embroiled in controversy over who should and should not be permitted to speak at graduation and receive an honorary degree.