A new issue of Roman Legal Tradition is out. Sean McQueen (Monash): Fearful Symmetry: Technophilia and the Science Fiction Cyborg in J. G. Ballard’s and David Cronenberg’s Crash. From The New York Times Magazine, Binyamin Appelbaum on Joe Weisenthal vs. the 24-Hour News Cycle. From St. Austin Review’s Ink Desk blog, is Uncle Sam a Christian, a small town American man, a family man?: Joseph Pearce on patriotism and nationalism — “the opposite of nationalism is imperialism. The European Union is an imperialist institution, as is the Federal Government, which systematically subsumes the rights of individual states and the rights of individual families.” Richard Kreitner on the Stoics and the Epicureans on friendship, sex, and love. UNESCO’s World Heritage convention was adopted to recognise 
and protect humanity’s most valuable monuments and landscapes — but, approaching its 40th year, can it still achieve its original ambitions? Frank Jacobs takes a look at the world’s largest atlas. Women really have developed “gaydar” which allows them to tell someone's sexuality “in the blink of an eye”, researchers say.