Steffen Bohm and Chris Land (Essex) and Armin Beverungen (Leuphana): The Value of Marx: Free Labour, Rent and “Primitive” Accumulation in Facebook. From Chronicles, should speculative bankers be put to death? Srdja Trifkovic wonders. Want to end partisan politics? Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein on what won’t work — and what will. Joshua E. Keating on the 10 TED Talks they should have censored. Godwin alert: Liberals have been screaming “conspiracy theory” for so long that they can’t recognize a conspiracy even when it’s killing them. Erik Loomis on a typical day in the coal industry. How did genocide denial become a doctrine of the internationalist left? George Monbiot investigates (and more on expert assessments of genocide and more on his correspondence with Noam Chomsky). Yes Virginia, the middle is getting screwed: The conservative meme of the moment on income inequality is that the middle class isn't getting screwed at all. When did my eyebrows go rogue? Scott Feschuk is getting to be middle -aged, but still waiting for the wisdom and insight to kick — first in an occasional series.