A new issue of The Journal of Pan African Studies is out. A new issue of Africa Review of Books is out. Ethel E. Idialu (Ambrose Alli): The Inhuman Treatment of Widows in African Communities. From Inkanyiso, L.E. Mayoyo, P.J. Potgieter, and J.M. Ras (Zululand): Fear of Crime and the Role of the Police. "In 10 years' time, Ghana may not require any aid at all": Ghana is one of Africa's great successes. A revolution deferred: So why did Kinshasa not have its Tahrir moment? How to defuse sub-Saharan Africa's population bomb: The fate of global population growth rests largely on the fortunes of Africa — it's not too late to ensure a stable future. When 25-year-old Valentine Strasser seized power in Sierra Leone in 1992, he became the world’s youngest head of state; today he lives with his mother and spends his days drinking gin by the roadside — what went wrong? A review of African Conflicts and Informal Power: Big Men and Networks. There has never been such a prolific output of books about rock art in southern Africa, both academic and popular, as in the past few years. Kony 2012? Don't worry everyone, Africa has a new hero.