From the European Journal of Legal Studies, a symposium on citizenship and migration. Ana Paula Tostes (UERJ): Euroskepticism in European National Elections: The Rise of Voter Support for New Radical Right Parties. You can download Social Capital, Political Participation and Migration in Europe: Making Multicultural Democracy Work?, ed. Laura Morales and Marco Giugni. Open doors for open minds: Emil Lobe Suenson on how Europe should fight racism by receiving more immigrants. From ResetDOC, a roundtable on the background of xenophobia in Europe and the USA. Unauthorized immigrants in the United States and Europe: Donald M. Kerwin, Kate Brick, and Rebecca Kilberg on the use of legalization/regularization as a policy tool. The Journey to El Norte: Heather Pringle on how archaeologists are documenting the silent migration that is transforming America. A review of Line in the Sand: A History of the Western U.S.-Mexico Border by Rachel St. John. Is it the illegality or the immigration? You only have to scratch the debate to see the degree to which legal technicalities are orthogonal to the main issue.