Murray S. Y. Bessette (Morehead State): On the Genesis and Nature of Judicial Power. From Anthurium, a special issue on New Work in Caribbean Literary and Cultural Studies. From New York, a cover story on three centuries of New York scandals. The Financial Guns of August: Is it too late to stop Europe's impending economic disaster? John Quiggin wonders. From Krugmania to Draghia: Five ways to save the euro zone. Most economists are not Hegelians, which needless to say is part of their charm: Gary Jason on a new wrinkle on public choice theory. From Air Force magazine, Dik Daso on The Red Baron: More than 100 pilots surpassed Manfred von Richthofen’s kill total, but none earned his fame or notoriety; and the Scourge of the Zeppelins: For almost two years, British airmen were unable to stop the German airships as they bombed England with impunity. A review of The U.S. Senate: From Deliberation to Dysfunction. A review of Flagrant Conduct: The Story of Lawrence v. Texas by Dale Carpenter. PBS zooms in on "The Culture of Reddit". Grooming the globe: Helene Barthelemy on exporting political consultancy.