A new issue of Studies in Sociology of Science is out. Jefferson D. Pooley (Muhlenberg): The History of Communication Research. From Culture Unbound, special sections on Fashion, Market and Materiality and on Policies, Government and the Creative Industries. Crossing the Line: A Village Voice Media special report on Freedom Under Fire. A look at how U.S. military suicides now exceed deaths in Afghanistan. Pentagon soon to spend more on vets’ benefits than active personnel, study says. Here is a list of people known as the father or mother of something. From California magazine, a special issue on piracy and the business of patents, cyber grift, the lawless seas, and more. Why do we need sluts? Utsab Nath wonders. From The New Inquiry, Adam Kotsko on why we love sociopaths. Research shows that the smarter people are, the more susceptible they are to cognitive bias. From Rationally Speaking, David Kyle Johnson on the Simulation Hypothesis and the problem of natural evil (in 4 parts). Ok, do it: Teach me how to "get" art. Rush drummer Neil Peart denounces Ayn Rand: I’m a “bleeding heart libertarian”.