A new issue of Lacan.com’s The Symptom is out. From Regulation, a special issue on William A. Niskanen. From Edge, William Poundstone explains “Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma Contains Strategies That Dominate Any Evolutionary Opponent” by William H. Press and Freeman J. Dyson. A review of Water: Asia’s New Battleground by Brahma Chellaney. Patricia Leavy on the top 4 reasons Americans should care about the hard v. soft science debate. From The New Yorker, Ezra Klein on why Republicans oppose the individual health-care mandate. From the Human Life Review, William Murchison on the theology of ObamaCare. Health care is a privilege: Jonathan Chait on what the GOP won’t admit. Brian Beutler on what the Supreme Court could do to Obamacare. Real people, real problems: Jonathan Cohn on the stakes of the Obamacare lawsuit. James Fallows on 5 signs the United States is undergoing a coup. Masculinity in the movies: On the big screen, Christian men are rougher and tougher than ever. An interview with Charlotte Witt, author of The Metaphysics of Gender.