Lewis D. Solomon (GWU): God and the Possible Nuclear Annihilation of Israel. From Azure, Adi Schwartz on the destruction of the Arab world's Jewry; Assaf Sagiv on the Jews' oldest enemies; and Daniel Gordis on the shape and meaning of Biblical history: The story of the rise and fall of the Hebrew commonwealth is well known — but have we paid attention to the bigger picture? Steven Cook on why it's so tough to write about Israel. Melissa Fich on the politics of semantics in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Is liberal Zionism a contradiction in terms? Why Peter Beinart didn’t predict the liberal response to The Crisis of Zionism. Nick Cohen on how the Left turned against the Jews. A review of Israel and the European Left by Colin Shindler. Arie Dubnov and Hanan Harif on roads not taken on the journey to the Jewish state. Dimi Reider on the Knesset vs. democracy. The upgrading of Ariel College to full university status is a big victory for right-wing political pressure. An interview with Menachem Mautner, author of Law and the Culture of Israel. Should Israel have gone with Yiddish? Hebrew is more universal tongue of Jews. Israelis are divided over changing the anthem, “Hatikva”.