From Academe, here is the annual report on the economic status of the profession, 2011-12. A new issue of the AAUP Journal of Acadmic Freedom is out. From Academe blog, John K. Wilson interviews Norman Finkelstein about his thoughts on the 5th anniversary of being denied tenure by DePaul University (and more by Matthew Abraham and more by Peter Kirstein and an interview with Alan Dershowitz). From Minding the Campus, Ron Lipsman on the coming decline of the academic left; and here is a survival guide for the Right in Leftist academia. From The Humanist, was it fair to expel a conservative Christian counseling student who refused to discuss relationship issues with a gay student? Boondoggle U: With taxpayers struggling to support the University of California, why did the state build a tenth campus in the middle of nowhere? Robert Birgeneau, the man who kept Berkeley from sinking as California slashed its budget, will step down this year; he tells Zoe Corbyn how disaster was averted even though huge challenges remain. Harvard decides its doctorate in education, the country’s oldest Ed.D. program, will be a Ph.D. — does the shift raise broader questions about the degree the university is ending? Paul Trowler on rethinking academic tribes and territories.