A new issue of Real-World Economics Review is out. From Socialist Review, where does profit come from? Here is the first in a regular series of columns explaining key concepts in Marxist economics; and Jack Farmer on the myth of crony capitalism: Those who suggest that we are witnessing a crisis of "crony capitalism", rather than capitalism itself, are wrong. Our popular economic wisdom says that capitalism equals freedom and free societies, right? Well, if you ever suspected that the logic is full of shit, then check out a book called The Invention of Capitalism, written by an economic historian named Michael Perelman. Sado-monetarism, or the role of the Federal Reserve System in keeping wages low: An excerpt from The Invisible Handcuffs of Capitalism by Michael Perelman. Hey, look it over: Public ownership is the most effective way to fix America’s economy. An interview with Ha-Joon Chang on what they don’t tell you about capitalism (reg. req.). Jason Hickel on a short history of neoliberalism (and how we can fix it). From Platypus, crisis of the eurozone and the Left: Responses to the global economic downturn.