Scott Brenton (Melbourne): When the Personal Becomes Political: Mitigating Damage Following Scandals. These 600-year Old World heritage sites might be rubble by August: An extremist group has seized the African city of Timbuktu, systematically destroying its monuments. Suzy Khimm on how Occupy the SEC, an offshoot of the large movement, has burrowed deep into the regulatory process. An interview with Dan Hind, author of Common Sense: Occupation, Assembly and the Future of Liberty. If humans engage in homosexuality, it's no surprise that other animals do too — but how do you explain the rejection of sexual reproduction in terms of Darwin's theory of evolution? Technological progress is accelerating faster than ever before — are robots going to “take our jobs?” and do we require a Basic Income to solve this? Deconstructing books literally: Just in case you’re wondering, the books that deconstructionist philosophers write are not blank. From the Independent Institute, Patrick Adams on a brief history of checkpoints (and what to do about them). A review of Robin Blackburn’s An Unfinished Revolution: Karl Marx and Abraham Lincoln.