Stefan Voigt (Hamburg): A Constitution Like Any Other? Comparing the European Constitution with Nation State Constitutions. From the European Journal of International Law, Armin von Bogdandy (Heidelberg): The European Lesson for International Democracy: The Significance of Articles 9 to 12 EU Treaty for International Organizations; and Jurgen Habermas (Frankfurt): The Crisis of the European Union in the Light of a Constitutionalization of International Law. Rosa M. Lastra (LSE): The Evolution of the European Central Bank. Renate Ohr and Mehmet Ozalbayrak (Gottingen): The Euro: A “Must” for Small European States? From Newropeans, the power of taxation is significant in forging a European identity, but if we are to speak of a European identity we need to abandon metaphysical essentialism. Paul Fourier on how the social model is Europe’s solution, not its problem. A “trilemma”: In addressing a crisis, member states can have only two of three things — deep economic integration, democratic politics and autonomy as nation-states. Europe's power relations have shifted — it looks like Germany will no longer be calling the shots in the EU.