A new issue of Nieman Reports is out. From Lapham’s Quarterly, Gregory Shaya on the myth of the fourth estate. Why legacy-newspaper media reporters get their own industry so wrong: An excerpt from Will the Last Reporter Please Turn out the Lights: The Collapse of Journalism and What Can Be Done To Fix It by Matt Welch. What is an alt-weekly? We’ve been trying to figure that out for 35 years. Money talks: If you cover Wall Street, should you take Wall Street speaking fees? As more newspapers get on the paid-content bandwagon, there are a few promising models popping up — here’s what to learn from them. NPR rethinks its reporting: Will “he said/she said” go away for good? Jack Shafer on how the byline beast was born and on the great newspaper liquidation. The Seattle Times takes on hometown Amazon: A tough series on the dark side of the booming local company. Political cartoons don’t deserve a Pulitzer Prize — give one for infographics instead. Breaking news used to be “news of transcendent importance” — now it’s a joke.