Liam Shields (Manchester): Mission Indispensable: The Point of Political Philosophy. Stephen R. Perry (Penn): Political Authority and Political Obligation. Leslie Green (Oxford): The Nature of Limited Government. Xavier Marquez (Victoria): The Irrelevance of Legitimacy. Bruce P. Frohnen (Ohio Northern): Is Constitutionalism Liberal? David A. Reidy (Tennessee): On the Human Right to Democracy: Searching for Sense Without Stilts. Jonathan Trejo-Mathys (BC): Epistemic Accounts of Democratic Authority and Legitimacy: Estlund versus Habermas. An interview with Albena Azmanova, author of The Scandal of Reason: A Critical Theory of Political Judgment (and more and more). From Books and Ideas, Louis Dumont is very well known for his anthropological work on India, but rather less for his political thought. Here are the audio files from an international conference on the work of Charles Taylor. From The Chronicle, Jeffrey J. Williams on Michael Walzer's politics, in theory and practice.