Christopher Morehart (GSU): What If the Aztec Empire Never Existed? The Prerequisites of Empire and the Politics of Plausible Alternative Histories. Nietzsche is dead: The battle for Nietzsche's legacy began when Count Hary Kessler met Elisabeth Forster-Nietzsche. Reclaiming travel: Beginning with "Gilgamesh", our impulse to wander was forged in mythic significance — the culture of tourism has changed all that. Jack Gilchrist, star of Romney’s “My Hands Didn’t Build This” ad received millions in government loans and contracts (and more and more). The Wall Street Journal's Gordon Crovitz jumped on the "you didn't build that" distortion and gets everything wrong (and more and more). People tend to start businesses for the wrong reasons: People undertaking strategic analysis or some type of strategic planning to develop ideas and strategies for a new potential business could not be further from the truth — this is part of the textbook fantasy that business schools have taught us to believe.