Michael Johnson Jr. (WSU): Race, Aging and Gay In/Visibility on US Television. From Comparative Law Review, a special issue on Duncan Kennedy’s The Three Globalizations of Law and Legal Thought: 1850-2000. Music as a weapon: Chris Brkich on using popular culture to combat social injustice. Reality denial: Edward S. Herman and David Peterson on Steven Pinker's apologetics for Western-imperial violence. From Sojourners (reg. req.), nothing but the blood: Kathryn Reklis on what vampires can teach us about consumer capitalism and human desire. From Ars Technica, where Lion stumbled, Mountain Lion regroups and forges ahead. From Jacobin, Laura Agustin on sex as work and sex work. Peter Singer is not the Anti-Christ: Charles C. Camosy on his book Peter Singer and Christian Ethics: Beyond Polarization.