A new issue of New Proposals: Journal of Marxism and Interdisciplinary Inquiry is out. From Triple C, Marx is back: A special issue on the importance of Marxist theory and research for critical communication studies today. From The Utopian, Ron Tabor on Marxist philosophy (and part 2). It is a paradox of Western Marxism that it insisted on its own geopolitical specificity — the West — and yet made its particularity a universal condition for the excluded Rest. From Green Left Weekly, who, or what, killed the US Socialist Workers Party? (and more) Stuart Jeffries on why Marxism is on the rise again. From New Left Review, T. J. Clark supplies notes for a rethinking of left politics that would recognize the impasses of the present and the horrific legacies of the past, while abandoning the mirages of futurity (and a response). For a New Left International: An interview with Jason Chrysostomou and Michael Albert, founders of the International Organisation for a Participatory Society (and more).