Francesco Francioni (EUI): Realism, Utopia and the Future of International Environmental Law. Timothy Meyer (Georgia): Global Public Goods, Governance Risk, and International Energy. Adam Millard-Ball (McGill): The Tuvalu Syndrome: Can Geoengineering Solve Climate’s Collective Action Problem? From the Journal of Public Economic Theory, a special issue on Managing Climate Change. From Monthly Review, Fred Magdoff on harmony and ecological civilization: Beyond the capitalist alienation of nature. Leave It to Beavers: Can they help us adapt to climate change? The best ideas money can buy: The prize pool for environmental innovation challenges increased twelvefold in the past ten years and shows no sign of easing up — but does crowd-sourcing solutions pay off for the world as well as for the winners? From io9, could we build a weather machine to stop climate change? James Howard Kunstler on why technology won't save us. David Roberts on getting used to being in charge of the planet.