Bernard E. Harcourt (Chicago): On the American Paradox of Laissez Faire and Mass Incarceration. Paul Gowder (Iowa): Can the Market Save the Eighth Amendment? Andre Douglas Pond Cummings (WV): “All Eyez on Me”: America's War on Drugs and the Prison-Industrial Complex. From, an 8-part series on “Louisiana Incarcerated: How we built the world's prison capital”. Those who favor the continued criminalization of marijuana should look towards the past: The prohibition of alcohol in the United States stemmed from similar motives, and ended up as an abysmal failure (and more). From Open Democracy, a special report on the costs of "supermax" long-term isolation. Bail is busted — how jail really works: Thousands of New Yorkers are stuck behind bars because they're too broke to get out. Get high for free: If pot were truly legal, joints would cost only a few cents (and more). Emily Badger on th stunning geography of incarceration. Out of sight, out of mind: Ralph Nader on prisons as growth industry.