Joshua J. Yates (Virginia): Abundance on Trial: The Cultural Significance of “Sustainability”. Why my baby is less disgusting than yours: Psychologists researching the human reaction of disgust find that on the whole we prefer our own family smells. A review of Grand Theories and Everyday Beliefs: Science, Philosophy, and Their Histories by Wallace Matson. From the Claremont Review of Books, James Q. Wilson on Tocqueville and America. Does it make any sense to create a wellbeing index? Julian Baggini and Richard Layard discuss. From New Left Project, an interview with Herman Schwartz on the political economy of multiculturalism (and part 2). Just before the Arab Spring, Vogue writer Joan Juliet Buck did an infamous interview with Asma al-Assad, Syria's first lady; for the first time, she tells the story behind the debacle.