Laura L. Rovner (Denver) and Jeanne Theoharis (CUNY): Preferring Order to Justice. From the Journal of Legal Analysis, a symposium on Political Risk and Public Law. From Antiquity, a review of Great Excavations: Shaping the Archaeological Profession; and a review essay on mummies, coffins and a forgotten pharaoh. Does Big Oil have to be evil to survive? It’s a tough business, and someone has to do it — don’t they? A review of Segregation: A Global History of Divided Cities by Carl H. Nightingale. What is, or would be the United States of Europe's place in and relationship to the global society? A review of Moral Theory at the Movies: An Introduction to Ethics by Dean Kowalski. The first chapter from Climbing the Charts: What Radio Airplay Tells Us about the Diffusion of Innovation by Gabriel Rossman. A look at 14 classic distractions for the Internet newcomer.