Enrico Spolaore (Tufts) and Wacziarg Romain (UCLA): How Deep are the Roots of Economic Development? David Hulme and Rorden Wilkinson (Manchester): Brave New World: Global Development Goals after 2015. William Easterly (NYU): Was Development Assistance a Mistake? From Ethics and International Affairs (vol. 26.2), a special issue on combating global poverty, guest edited by Thomas Pogge and Luis Cabrera. Do World Bank country classifications hurt the poor? Get an MBA, save the world: If you want to work in international development, go work for a big, bad multinational company. Dumb and Dumber: Are development experts becoming racists? A review of Parasites, Pathogens, and Progress: Diseases and Economic Development by Robert A. McGuire and Philip R. P. Coelho. How much does natural resource extraction really diminish national wealth? The weight of water: It’s easy to take water for granted when it gushes fresh from a tap — but most of the world’s women have to work for every drop. From Global Dashboard, are language policies increasing poverty and inequality?