Grant Bollmer (Massey): Demanding Connectivity: The Performance of “True” Identity and the Politics of Social Media. From Future Internet, a special issue on recent advances in Web services. From Gizmodo, a look at how Yahoo killed Flickr and lost the Internet. An interview with Evgeny Morozov, author of The Net Delusion. Louis Theroux on how the internet killed porn. When tech companies worth $10 billion don't have a working phone number, you know they've taken "drop dead" to a whole new level. Google brings new meaning to the Web: The search-engine giant now “understands” what you’re looking for. How the Internet became boring: The Internet is both a utility and a medium — only one of these things is exciting. Are supercuts more than just pop remixes tailor-made for the social Web? A look at the weird world of country-specific Web domains. When will this low-innovation Internet era end? (and a response) A look at the the top five things YouTube can teach you.