Jolan Bogdan (Goldsmiths): Sovereignty and the Death of Communism. Mark Harrison (Warwick): Communism and Economic Modernization. Two communist states, two different worlds: When comparing their lot with that of the North Koreans, Soviet Russians saw themselves as free and prosperous — and, one must admit, with good reasons. Though the Soviet system’s ambitions were initially universalistic, the system of social protection that it established quickly proved discriminatory and insufficiently generous. A Tale of Two Trials: Ronald Radosh on Soviet propaganda at home and abroad. From Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal, Doug Enaa Greene on how anarchists, syndicalists, socialists and IWW militants were drawn to Bolshevism: Four case studies. 1873–1973, the century of Marxism: Chris Cutrone on the death of Marxism and the emergence of neo-liberalism and neo-anarchism. The New Communism: Alan Johnson on resurrecting the utopian delusion. Central Asia brings back the sugary taste of communism.