Andrew D. Lister (Queen's): Reciprocity, Relationships, and Distributive Justice. Daniel J. Smith (Troy): Gauging the Perception of Cronyism in the United States. It’s time to end “sport” — and bring back sport. What if we were to reverse the order and create a political party in line with our religious principles, which are far older than any modern ideology? Treating people as ends in themselves: An interview with Christine M. Korsgaard. From Socialism and Democracy, bloodless coup d’etat: Steve McGiffen on the European Union’s response to the eurozone crisis. Could random selection and deliberative democracy revitalize politics in the 21st century? Toward a separation of oil and state: One goal of Oil Change International is to reduce fossil fuel subsidies in order to make renewable energy resources more competitive. Eureka: When a blow to the head creates a sudden genius.