The inaugural issue of Economic Thought is out. Mascots play a big role in the multibillion-dollar business of US university marketing — is it all just fun or have we gone too far in allowing corporatised Bobcats, Panthers, Eagles and Owls the run of campus? Jeff Bezos, a blonde, and a book walk into a bar (and part 2). When everybody loved Congress: Sen. Harry S. Truman gave wasteful war contractors hell — and made Congress admirable. A review of Ethics and the Acquisition of Organs by T. M. Wilkinson. No taxes, no female presidents, and no physical attraction: Simon van Zuylen-Wood on the ten strangest things about Objectivism. Tweeting the next election meltdown: If the next presidential election goes into overtime, heaven help us — it’s gonna get ugly. Tony Ortega on Scientology's concentration camp for its executives: The prisoners, past and present.