A new issue of Parameters is out. Cary Franklin (Texas): Inventing the “Traditional Concept” of Sex Discrimination. Stanford researchers produce first complete computer model of an organism. What is life?: J. Craig Venter on a 20th century perspective. From Cato Unbound, Jeffrey A. Schaler on Strategies of Psychiatric Coercion. Everything most people think about the budget is wrong: The Tea Party is wrong — defense spending and wars, not foreign aid or government workers, dominate the budget. A review of Contemporary Liberty: Why We Must Overhaul the Republic by Thierry Menissier. 122 minutes with Jamie Dimon: The JPMorgan Chase CEO is really, really, really sorry — except when he’s not. Though the nation’s fiscal challenge has taken center stage in the presidential campaign, raising more taxes from American families remains stubbornly off the table.