A new issue of Air and Space Power Journal is out. Luke N. Condra (Pitt) and Jacob N. Shapiro (Princeton): Who Takes the Blame? The Strategic Effects of Collateral Damage. From Prism, Stephen D. Krasner (Stanford): International Support for State-building: Flawed Consensus; Dennis C. Blair (USN): Military Support for Democracy; Dov S. Zakheim (CSIS): The Opportunity Cost of Security; Colin S. Gray (Reading): Concept Failure? COIN, Counterinsurgency, and Strategic Theory; an interview with David Petraeus; and a review of Victory for Hire: Private Security Companies' Impact on Military Effectiveness by Molly Dunigan. A look at how AFCENT is applying its lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan to the rest of the Middle East. From Proceedings, is great-power war still possible? Clear and present safety: Contrary to campaign rhetoric, the US is safer than ever — and not because of its massive military. Just what is the military? If it’s defined formalistically, it’s the Army, Navy and so on — if it’s defined functionally, it’s a lot less clear.