John Shuford (Gonzaga): “The Tale of the Tribe and the Company Town”: What We Can Learn About the Workings of Whiteness in the Pacific Northwest. From Psychology Today, does white identity predict positive or negative attitudes towards diversity? From Taki’s Magazine, John Derbyshire on places white people like; Gavin McGinnes on 10 hatefacts for those who hate facts; and what is a racist? Steve Browne wants to know. From American Renaissance, a review of Race and Economics: How Much Can be Blamed on Discrimination? by Walter E. Williams. From Alternative Right, a review of The Way of Men by Jack Donovan (and more); and Brett Stevens on the endgame of civilization (and more). Ten years after founder William Pierce's death, key neo-Nazi movement National Alliance is “a joke”. Kevin Alfred Strom remembers Dr. Pierce. From the New York Observer, former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke may hate the Jews, but he sure loved his dog, Torri. A look at how the Sikh temple shooting returns attention to the military’s white power problem. John McWhorter on making moral judgments about “White Power” music.