From, Morten Hoi Jensen interviews Martin Amis on his new novel Lionel Asbo. World Hyperinflations: Steve H. Hanke and Nicholas E. Krus supply, for the first time, a table that contains all 56 episodes of hyperinflation, including several which had previously gone unreported. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has attempted to block a Vatican bid to create new web addresses ending in .catholic, arguing that it "cannot demonstrate that it possesses a monopoly over the term Catholic". From Not So Reviews, fuck heroes, root for the villain. Perry Anderson on Indian independence is a most vicious hatchet job and completely gratuitous: it contains no new facts and reviews no new book — so why? Young adult sci-fi is supposed to make us question society — is the current crop of young adult dystopian lit holding up its end of the bargain? Jeff Smith on the 10 reasons Todd Akin is staying in.