Michelle Pace (Birmingham) and Francesco Cavatorta (DCU): The Arab Uprisings in Theoretical Perspective: An Introduction. From The American Interest, Christopher Clary and Mara E. Karlin on the Pak-Saudi nuke, and how to stop it: If Iran does get the bomb, there is a tight logic to military cooperation between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to match it; and Dov Zakheim on the geopolitics of Scripture: If American power recedes from the Middle East in the advancing post-Cold War era, Israel's strategic circumstances, not least its concern about a nuclearizing Iran, could start to look a lot like they did in Isaiah's time. Are Bibi Netanyahu and Ehud Barak really crazy enough to bomb Iran — against the wishes of the United States and their own people? Aaron David Miller on the Politically Incorrect Guide to U.S. Interests in the Middle East: Sorry, folks — America just doesn't care about freedom or Arab-Israeli peace all that much. A review of The Rise and Fall of Arab Presidents for Life by Roger Owen. Qaddafi's Spawn: Yahia H. Zoubir on what the dictator's demise unleashed in the Middle East. As Islamists across the Arab World continue to enshrine sharia concepts in their constitutions, noted academic Tariq Ramadan asks, are other alternatives available? Just like the region it covers, The Middle East magazine has been through some good times and some bad times.