Newt and other conservatives are obsessed with tying Obama to Saul Alinsky — here's where their hatred comes from. Richard Eskow on why Obama's the least socialistic president in modern history (and that's a shame). Have you met Barack X? He's the candidate that the political right has invented in a bid to win back the White House. Pam Martens on Ayn Rand, the Tea Party’s miscast matriarch. Ayn Rand worshippers should face facts: Blue states are the providers, red states are the parasites. The Los Angeles Times' Op-Ed Page and finds common ground: Liberals are pricks. Who's left? The New Statesman profiles the leading American progressives who are keeping the cause alive. Reviving progressive activism: Anja Rudiger on how a human rights movement won the country’s first universal health care law. David Rothkopf on a dictionary of American politics — GOP Speak and Demspeak. Ruy Teixeira reviews The Swing Vote: The Untapped Power of Independents by Linda Killian: "I suppose we should be grateful to Linda Killian. Her new book collects in one place every cliched and suspect empirical generalization about political independents. So in that sense—and only in that sense—it is a useful volume."

From the Journal of Intercultural Communication, Moniza Waheed, Andreas Schuck, Claes deVreese, and Peter Neijens (ASCoR): More Different Than Similar: Values in Political Speeches of Leaders from Developed and Developing Countries; Sonja Modesti (CSU): Looking at You Looking at Me: An Autoethnographic Account of a Tattooed Female and (Re)appropriation of the Tourist Gaze; and Alan Dale Hansen (Carroll) and Kelly Miller Quintanilla (Texas A&M): It’s like a Mexican Bingo. From Crisis, William Fahey on Rick Santorum and the Kingship of Christ (and part 2 and part 3). Irin Carmon debunks the right’s contraception myths: Access to contraception would reduce abortions and unintended pregnancies — here are the simple facts. Does Mark Zuckerberg really deserve all that money? From The Brooklyn Rail, Litia Perta on why Cooper Union matters. The WikiHouse Revolution: Will open-source DIY architecture usher in a new age of architectural innovation? A review of Seeds of Change: The Story of ACORN by John Atlas. What does Unesco recognition mean, exactly?

Katherine M. Franke (Columbia): Dating the State: The Moral Hazards of Winning Gay Rights. Charles J. Ten Brink (Michigan State): Gayborhoods: Intersections of Land Use Regulation, Sexual Minorities, and the Creative Class. Eric Julian Manalastas (UP Diliman): Unrequited Love among Young Filipino Gay Men: Subjective Experiences of Unreciprocated Lovers. An interview with Eric Stanley, author of "Near Life, Queer Death: Overkill and Ontological Capture". A review of After Sex? On Writing since Queer Theory, ed. by Janet Halley and Andrew Parker. In the fight for marriage equality, it's Edith Windsor vs. the United States of America. Stephanie Pappas on why gay parents may be the best parents. Justin E. H. Smith on how the rise of gay marriage has played an important role in reinforcing naturalism about marriage, and thus in buttressing the conservative cause. Same-sex science: Stanton L. Jones on how the social sciences cannot settle the moral status of homosexuality. From International Socialism, Colin Wilson on queer theory and politics. First openly gay U.S. Ambassador James Hormel reflects on being "fit to serve".