A new issue of the Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies is out. Alex Prichard (LSE): Anarchy, Anarchism and International Relations. Madeline Weld (PIC): Deconstructing the Dangerous Dogma of Denial: The Feminist-environmental Justice Movement and its Flight from Overpopulation. A review of Ian Bremmer’s Every Nation for Itself: Winners and Losers in a G-Zero World. We're all poorer when we seek Kim Kardashian's take on poverty. From the Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, Alex de Waal, Jens Meierhenrich, and Bridget Conley-Zilkic on how mass atrocities end — an evidence-based counter-narrative. An interview with Jean-Francois Bayart on globalization, subjectification, and the historicity of state formation. From Policy Review, Mark Dybul Peter Piot and Julio Frenk on reshaping global health: Time for a structural and philosophical shift. Michael Ignatieff on reimaging a global ethic. Our Daily Bread: The Essential Norman Borlaug is a multivolume biography that chronicles the microbiologist and his Nobel Prize-winning work to thwart starvation. What’s the best way to foment unrest in a foreign country? A how-to guide.

A new issue of Cartographic Perspectives is out. Stephen B. Smith (Khazar): The Geographic Origins of Strategic Culture. From Approaching Religion, a special issue on Rethinking the Enlightenment. The accusation “you are not living in the real world” is always either ideological, narcissistic, or a poorly phrased attempt to say something else. Jed Perl on how Hilton Kramer got lost in the culture wars. Eating like a caveman: A passing fad or the diet of the future? A review of The Event of Literature by Terry Eagleton. New “social discovery” apps try to engineer chance encounters — could they spoil true serendipity? A review of Infinite Jest: Caricature and Satire from Leonardo to Levine by Constance C. McPhee and Nadine M. Orenstein. Far from disappearing, Glenn Beck has only expanded his influence and multi-media empire since leaving Fox News last year (and more). Is it really essential that every human being be labeled “male” or “female” in accordance with his or her biological sex? An interview with James W. Hall, author of Hit Lit: Cracking the Code of the Twentieth Century’s Biggest Bestsellers.

Kimberly Springer (Ohio State): Policing Black Women’s Sexual Expression: The Cases of Sarah Jones and Renee Cox. Trevor B. Milton (Old Westbury): Class Status and the Construction of Black Masculinity. Nancy Leong (Denver): Racial Capitalism. Jack Kerwick (Rowan): “Black Conservatism”: The Philosophy of Thomas Sowell. From Civil War to Civil Rights: How should the US remember its Civil War? From TNR, a review of Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention by Manning Marable. Why James Baldwin beat William F. Buckley in a debate, 540-160. An interview with Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, authors of The Rich and the Rest of Us. From The Chronicle, David Barash on race and playing with fire (and part 2 and part 3). Linda Greenhouse on the fire next term: The next Supreme Court term is a mere four months away; it is shaping up as equally momentous and sadly as a good deal more predictable. Will Alabama voters finally strike Jim Crow language from their constitution in November? From Slate, is Black English a dialect or a language? “Niggas,” in Practice: Jay-Z, Gwyneth Paltrow, and when white people can say the word. A sometime thing: The history of Porgy and Bess is as complex as the history of race in America.