Valery Kravchenko (Donetsk): 2014 Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Causes, Nature, Implications. Anni Kangas (Tampere): Market Civilisation Meets Economic Nationalism: The Discourse of Nation in Russia’s Modernisation. Timur Atnashev on the strange case of Russian nationalism. The introduction to Ruling Russia: Authoritarianism from the Revolution to Putin by William Zimmerman. Peter Pomerantsev on how Putin is reinventing warfare. Maria Lipman on Vladimir Medinsky, the second-rate academic who is Vladimir Putin's culture cop, nationalist and anti-European. China and Russia, best frenemies: Vladimir Putin pivots eastward — should America be worried? David Frum on what Putin wants: Respect, sure, but also money — how that shapes his relations with the West. Michael Ross and Erik Voeten on how oil wealth can make Russia and other countries less cooperative. Who cares if Putin torpedoes the Russian economy? Oligarchs, maybe; average Russians, definitely; Putin himself, not at all. Anton Nossik helped build Russia's Internet — now Putin wants to destroy it. Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Russia — and the Kremlin's TV network is in on it. The Russian strategy was intended to create chaos: Julia Ioffe and Frank Foer interview Geoffrey R. Pyatt, the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine. From NYRB, Anatol Lieven on Ukraine — the way out; and Tim Judah on Ukraine’s stalled rebellion and on looking for Ukraine. David Patrikarakos on how a collective psychosis is taking hold of Ukraine. Joshua Yaffa on the chaos engulfing eastern Ukraine. The Donetsk People's Republic is starting to smell: In Ukraine, chaos meets self-declared independence. Julia Ioffe on how Putin stirred up Donetsk, now he's leaving its people high and dry. Kiev's iconic Maidan square is now full of Cossacks, tourists, and the homeless — what happened to the protesters who wanted to reshape Ukraine's future?

The inaugural issue of Critical Historical Studies is free online. Candice Delmas (Clemson): The Civic Duty to Report Crime and Corruption. Asgeir Berg Matthiasson (Amsterdam): A Chalet on Mount Everest: Interpretations of Wittgenstein’s Remarks on Godel. Notes on maps and war: A look at how today’s maps are transforming the way we think space. Rightbloggers say Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger's sexist rants have nothing to do with sexism (or guns). In the deadly aftermath of Elliot Rodger’s psychotic and suicidal shooting spree that left six others dead, the muted echoes of David Attias — who killed four people in Isla Vista 12 years ago — will be bouncing off Isla Vista’s blood-stained streets for some time to come. Korean unification now: Why a deal between the U.S. and China on Korean unification may be more realistic than you would think (and more). These housekeepers asked Sheryl Sandberg to Lean In with them — what happened next will not amaze you. Noam Scheiber on Tim Geithner: More banker than the bankers. Why financial crises always feel unfair: Zachary Goldfarb on Tim Geithner and the paradox behind the government’s crisis response. “Adolf Hitler also hated the way most people read books”: Philip Oltermann on the “bestseller that no one has read”. Thomas Piketty, the French economist who wrote a best-selling book on inequality, has defended his work against criticism by the Financial Times of shortcomings in his data. Amy Nicholson on how YouTube and Internet journalism destroyed Tom Cruise, our last real movie star. Arm’s length: Could it be that long-distance relationships are actually healthy?

From Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, Daniel J. Kruger (Michigan), Maryanne L. Fisher (St. Mary’s), and Paula Wright (Newcastle): Patriarchy, Male Competition, and Excess Male Mortality; and Dario Maestripieri, Amanda Klimczuk, Daniel Traficonte, and M. Claire Wilson (Chicago): Ethnicity-Related Variation in Sexual Promiscuity, Relationship Status, and Testosterone Levels in Men. Christopher R. Matthews (Brighton): Biology Ideology and Pastiche Hegemony. Lawrence D. Berg , Levi Gahman, and Neil J. Nunn (UBC): Neoliberalism, Masculinities and Academic Knowledge Production: Towards a Theory of “Academic Masculinities”. A link between fidgety boys and a sputtering economy: A gender difference in behavioral skills, seen as early as kindergarten, is hurting boys’ academic prospects and their earning potential. Discharged under the rainbow: Ariel M. Martinez on military masculinities and Don't Ask, Don't Tell. The tantrum of masculinity: Elisabeth Donnelly interviews Rebecca Solnit on mansplaining, power, and her book Men Explain Things to Me. 10 years later, The Game has changed for pick-up artist Neil Strauss: “To hear Strauss tell it, PUA is about using male sexuality as a force for good in the world”. Amanda Hess on the Pick-Up Artist community’s predictable, horrible response to a mass murder. It denies reality to pretend that Rodger’s sense of masculine entitlement and views about women didn’t matter or somehow existed in a vacuum. Laurie Penny on calling the Isla Vista killings what they were: misogynist extremism (and more and more). Here are some of the most powerful #YesAllWomen tweets (and more and more and more and more and more).