Andres Fabian Henao Castro (UMass): Slavery in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave: Alain Badiou, Jacques Ranciere, and the Militant Intellectual from the Global South. Marko Kovic (ZIPAR) and Tobias Fuchslin (Zurich): Probability and Conspiratorial Thinking. Matthew Rimmer (QUT): Back to the Future: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi is standing idly by as her country moves closer to genocide. Chile’s president is a woman and she just scored a major policy victory for women — here’s why that matters. Why investigators are so interested in Facebook ads bought by Russian firm. Betsy DeVos just issued “a blunt attack on survivors of sexual assault”, say advocates (and more).

Russians flock to Trump properties to give birth to U.S. citizens. Trump gets millions from golf members — CEOs and lobbyists get access to president. Trump uses pay to play — here’s why and how to fix it. Donald Trump’s inaugural committee promised to give millions in unspent money to charity — so where’s the money?

Jeff Sessions spews nativist lies while explaining why Trump is killing DACA. How Jeff Sessions got Trump to stop protecting Dreamers. “Go home and get in line”: Fact-checking Kris Kobach on DACA. Scott Lemieux on the inhumanity and lies of Trump’s DACA suspension. Seven ways of looking at Trump’s DACA decision: Why the politics of immigration are the opposite of the politics of trade. Sarah Binder on why Congress will have a hard time legalizing DACA. Rebekah Entralgo on Congress’ options to save DREAMers. Will Anthony Kennedy heed his own words and protect “DREAMers”? How DACA pits “good immigrants” against millions of others.

From the Niskanen Center, what drives opposition to immigration? Will Wilkinson on in-group favoritism, out-group hostility, and Donald Trump; and on why the logic of populism favors amnesty for “Dreamers”. Trump and Republicans face “a defining moment” on immigration. Trump’s repeal of DACA is the GOP’s pathology in a nutshell: An entire country is being held hostage by a thin slice of the Republican electorate, and they answer to no one. The DACA fight and the end of politics: The DACA chaos isn’t just about immigration — it also points to a growing disturbance within Enlightenment liberal politics. John Joannes reviews A Nation of Nations: A Great American Immigration Story by Tom Gjelten.

North Korean nuclear test shows steady advance: Elisabeth Eaves interviews Siegfried Hecker, former director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Thread: “After a long, crazy weekend, it’s time to take stock of the N.Korea threat & the appropriate response. Some thoughts”. John Nilsson-Wright on the trouble with Trump’s North Korea policy. Trump’s response to North Korea is both predictable and counterproductive. South Korea is right: Trump has characterized its policy as “appeasement” — but Seoul’s approach is far more sensible than Washington’s. North Korea isn’t “begging for war” — it’s fighting for survival. What would war with North Korea look like? Sam Kriss on what to think about North Korea now we’re all dead. The United States must accept a nuclear North Korea.

How Kim Jong Un treated his high-school girlfriend is the key to understanding his “wild” temper, according to this North Korea expert.

Robert C. Lieberman (Johns Hopkins), Suzanne Mettler, Thomas B. Pepinsky, and Kenneth M. Roberts (Cornell), and Richard Valelly (Swarthmore): Trumpism and American Democracy: History, Comparison, and the Predicament of Liberal Democracy in the United States. Politics above law: Andrew Kolin on how Trump channels far Right icon Carl Schmitt without knowing it. In defense of the truth: Trump’s incessant lying is obscene — it is a collapse in morality; it is an ethical assault. How Donald Trump is destroying the presidency’s moral authority — it’s not his actions, it’s his words. The first white president: Ta-Nehisi Coates on how the foundation of Donald Trump’s presidency is the negation of Barack Obama’s legacy.

Jane Chong on impeaching Trump: Four eternal myths. Impeaching Trump is a long shot — there’s another way to protect the country.

Mary Anne Franks (Miami): Men, Women, and Optimal Violence. Zachary D. Liscow (Yale): Is Efficiency Biased? West Papua’s silent genocide: The brutal occupation of West Papua is under-reported — but UK and US corporations are profiting from the violence. Ishaan Tharoor on the shameful silence of Aung San Suu Kyi. Russia-linked hackers are infiltrating the US power grid. What to make of the new Facebook-Russia revelation? Jack Jenkins on Rev. Angel Kyodo, the black queer Buddhist teacher who is smashing stereotypes and leading an awakening on the Left. Henry Farrell and Steven M. Teles on how the debate around Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America by Nancy Maclean has been political rather than intellectual.

Peter Catron (Penn): The Citizenship Advantage: Immigrant Socioeconomic Attainment across Generations in the First Half of the Twentieth Century. From Vox, there’s no evidence that immigrants hurt any American workers: The debate over the Mariel boatlift, a crucial immigration case study, explained; Trump says banning immigrants helps US workers — a leading economist says he’s wrong: Sean Illing interviews Michael Clemens of the Center for Global Development; and Trump wants to protect American jobs — his immigration bill would make us poorer. White House claims “dreamers” take jobs away from blacks and Hispanics — here’s the truth.

Fewer immigrants mean more jobs? Not so, economists say. America is destined for decline without more immigrants: America urgently needs the brains and drive of people who now live in other countries. Immigrants shouldn’t have to be “talented” to be welcome: When Americans focus on immigrants’ economic contributions, they fail to stand up to the Trump administration’s fundamentally hateful agenda.

Dealing with Hurricane Trump: Jeh Johnson, former Homeland Security chief, on the many crises, natural and otherwise, of the Trump era. We’re wired for Harvey-like disasters — which is why we need functional governance. Garrett Graff on the secret history of FEMA. Trump wants to slash budgets of federal agencies at the forefront of disaster relief. Harvey tests clashes between TX Dem run cities, GOP-dominated legislature. As Houston floods, Rightbloggers try to turn Harvey’s wrath on liberals. I pray to God Florida Republicans listen to Rush Limbaugh and ignore all this “hurricane” hype. D.R. Tucker on Hurricane Harvey, the climate 9/11. Joe Roussos on the philosophy of hurricanes.

Steve Cooke and Andrew Futter (Leicester): Democracy versus Deterrence: Nuclear Weapons and Political Integrity. C. Christine Fair (Georgetown): Pakistan’s Nuclear Program: Laying the Groundwork for Impunity. South Asia is not the most dangerous place on Earth. Hey, NATO, let’s move those 50 US thermonuclear weapons out of Turkey. George Friedman on 3 maps that explain the geopolitics of nuclear weapons. The U.N. just passed a treaty outlawing nuclear weapons — that actually matters. The nuclear ban treaty: A missed US opportunity that can be redeemed in September. The test that changed the world: The Manhattan Project shows why it’s so hard to keep countries from obtaining nuclear weapons.

South Korea wants the US to station nuclear weapons in the country. Worried about North Korea? Here’s why you shouldn’t. The risk of nuclear war with North Korea is exaggerated. As crisis brews, some in South Korea fear Trump is “kind of nuts”.

Scientists fear Trump will dismiss blunt climate report. David Roberts on the climate report scientists are afraid Trump will censor, explained. Trump plans to roll back environmental rule everyone agrees on. The Trump administration just disbanded a federal advisory committee on climate change. EPA now requires political aide’s sign-off for agency awards, grant applications. Making America polluted again: Environmental prosecutions hit record low; multiple federal agencies bow to polluters. Trump and Pruitt, making America polluted again. Trump’s pick to head NASA doesn’t believe humans cause climate change. Those 3% of scientific papers that deny climate change? A review found them all flawed. Republicans have a Russia conspiracy theory, too: It’s against environmentalists. A two-decade crusade by conservative charities fueled Trump’s exit from Paris climate accord.

Eliza Barclay and Sarah Frostenson on the ecological disaster that is Trump’s border wall. We’re on the brink of a major environmental disaster — are we ready? Trump Forest organizers want to resist Trump with billions of trees (and more).

Carlton Patrick and Debra Lieberman (Miami): How Disgust Becomes Law. Andrew Gilden (Willamette): IP, R.I.P. (“This Article reexamines the interests of an artist’s families, friends, and other heirs [“IP estates”] within the IP system”). Indian journalist critical of Hindu extremists Gauri Lankesh is shot dead in Bangalore. Kenya’s Supreme Court just declared the Aug. 8 elections invalid — here’s what this means. Alin Coman on the psychology of collective memory and group membership. Zine queens: How women’s magazines found new life via indie publishing. Google critic’s firing sparks backlash within New America ranks (and more). Love it or hate it, truckers say they can’t stop listening to public radio.