From the New Yorker, from aggressive overtures to sexual assault: Harvey Weinstein’s accusers tell their stories. No justice for bad men: Why the Harvey Weinstein story took so long to come out. This is how the media helped Weinstein keep his predatory behavior under wraps. A crucial part of the Harvey Weinstein story: His alleged enablers. Sarah Jones on how Hollywood’s superficial politics enabled Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein isn’t the only big donor who deserves repudiation: The Hollywood producer’s history of sexual assault should make him toxic, but the same applies to the Mercer family’s support of racism.

There’s an important political lesson buried in the Harvey Weinstein story. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. may have helped the Trump siblings and Harvey Weinstein avoid charges. (and more). Tina Brown on what Harvey and Trump have in common.

Stop using “as a father of daughters” to denounce Weinstein: You don’t need a daughter to feel guilty about working with a man who preys on young women, or about not acting to stop him — you just need a conscience.

From NYRB, James Mann on the adults in the room. How Tillerson is trying to save the Iran deal from his boss. Rex Tillerson at the breaking point: Will Donald Trump let the Secretary of State do his job? “Cause non-morons do stuff like that” (and more and more). Peter Beinart on what Bob Corker really fears: Why does the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee see the specter of World War III? Republicans irked at Corker’s myopic obsession with preventing catastrophe. Corker was channeling most Republican senators — you wouldn’t know it from their silence. The bizarre situation where only retiring Republicans will talk about Trump’s fitness for office.

White House insiders paint a grim picture of Trump’s increasingly volatile behavior. The latest White House leaks showcase Trump’s art of the tantrum. President Trump’s temper tantrums are coming at an accelerating pace. White House aides lean on delays and distraction to manage Trump. Amid a widening rift, John Kelly has a Mar-a-Lago strategy to contain Trump. Trump Implosion Watch: Adult day-care center edition. CNN’s Bernstein: “The wheels are coming off the presidency”.

Alexis Dirakis (Humboldt): Political Correctness: Implosion of Politics. A tragedy of manners: Andrea Nagle on Trump and the new age of anti-PC transgression. Thread: “Trump doesn’t have the strength to be a Schmittian, as I worried”. Harasser Harvey and neo-Nazi Milo are a study in blog rage contrasts: Whether the wrongdoer is Weinstein or Yiannopoulos, it’s all liberals’ fault, natch. In lieu of Obamacare’s repeal, how about a fight over football? Noah Rothman on Trump supporters’ lowered expectations. Trump picks cultural fights to distract Americans from his policies and their results. The pathetic truth about Trump’s culture wars: The president’s rant against kneeling athletes is a sign of things to come.

Neil Levy (Macquarie): Nudges in a Post-truth World (and a response). Shlomo Benartzi et al. (UCLA): Should Governments Invest More in Nudging? From Governing, how government data can supercharge the nudge. Behavioral economics, the science behind governmental “nudging” and studies disparaging conservatives, has run aground — it’s time to reform the field for the benefit of scientists and citizens alike. There may be all sorts of reasons to object to nudges — but we shouldn’t object to them on the grounds that they bypass our reasoning. Cass Sunstein (Harvard) Misconceptions About Nudges. Uber shows how not to apply behavioral economics. The future development of behavioural economics should focus on a streamlining process that will clarify core issues, fill conceptual gaps, and create tractable models.

Richard Thaler won the Nobel Prize for making economics more human — and more real. What’s a urinal fly, and what does it have to with winning a Nobel Prize? This headline is a nudge to get you to read about Nobel economist Richard Thaler. Thaler changed my life (and everybody else’s): Cass Sunstein, the Nobel winner’s collaborator, remembers the thrill of first encountering his ideas. We’re all behavioral economists now. Thaler’s prescriptions come with potential — and limitations.

Jeremy Waldron (NYU): The Dignity of Old Age. Beatrice Cherrier (CNRS) and Andrej Svorencík (Mannheim): Defining Excellence: 70 Years of John Bates Clark Medals. In Dominica, a return to normal will take many years. As residents start to return, devastated Barbuda struggles to rebuild. Hacker study: Russia could get into U.S. voting machines. NFL owners, coaches pressuring players to stop kneeling during anthem. Sean Illing interviews Robert Sutton, author of The Asshole Survival Guide: How to Deal with People Who Treat You Like Dirt. How Fox’s “southern gal” Ainsley Earhardt became the darling of “the most powerful TV show in America”. Philip E. Auerswald on his book The Code Economy: A Forty-Thousand Year History.

Trump era in Washington enters new phase with Corker’s comments. Corker’s alarm about Trump starting “World War III” is spot-on — and overdue (and more). Bob Corker and the fast-growing list of those close to Trump who talk about him like he’s a child. The problem with “containing” Donald Trump: When Bob Corker says officials are trying to “contain” the president, he’s pointing to a long-term threat to democratic stability. Bob Corker just confirmed it: Republicans know Trump is unfit. Trump’s harshest critics are always secretly begging him for stuff, according to Trump. Does Trump know how much power Sen. Corker has? Trump’s fight with Corker jeopardizes his legislative agenda (and more). Will Bob Corker do anything?

Bernd Brabec de Mori (KUG): What Makes Natives Unique? Overview of Knowledge Systems among the World’s Indigenous People. S. James Anaya (Colorado) and Sergio Puig (Arizona): Mitigating State Sovereignty: The Duty to Consult with Indigenous Peoples. Thomas Duve (Max Planck): Indigenous Rights in Latin America: A Legal Historical Perspective. The forgotten First Nation: Six years after the floods, indigenous Canadians are still homeless. Francesca Dominello (Macquarie): Political Apologies and their Challenges in Achieving Justice for Indigenous Peoples in Australia and Canada. Despite small victories, indigenous communities around the world face an uphill battle.

Doug Kiel (Northwestern): Bleeding Out: Histories and Legacies of “Indian Blood”. The convenient Indian: Melanie Benson Taylor on how activists get Native Americans wrong. Researchers who study the DNA of ancient Native Americans have been learning how to collaborate with American Indian tribes instead of fighting them over ancestral human remains — but a recent case suggests still more sensitivity is needed.

Trump urges staff to portray him as “crazy guy”. Playing “good cop, crazy cop” won’t work with North Korea. No laughing matter: Why Trump’s words on North Korea matter. Democrats and Republicans agree: Trump’s North Korea strategy won’t work. William Perry: “North Korea called me a ‘war maniac’. I ignored them, and Trump should too”. Trump continues to tease a war with North Korea. “We need to take seriously the possibility that Donald Trump is trying to goad Kim Jong-un into a first strike, so he can respond”. If Trump wants war, he owes Americans an explanation. Bob Corker says Trump’s recklessness threatens “World War III”. It’s what Bob Corker does next that counts.

What can actually trigger war on the Korean Peninsula? Four paths to a “strategic miscalculation” over North Korea. Former NATO military chief James Stavridis: There’s a 10% chance of nuclear war with North Korea. Marcus Noland on a game-theoretic solution to the North Korea problem. R. B. Myerson on solving the Korean crisis with game theory. If North Korea fires an ICBM, the US might have to shoot it down over Russia. An open letter to the Republican Party: “Dear Republican Party, Please, if you love this country and human life at all, take the president’s phone and lock his twitter account before he gets us all killed”.

Tara John on 5 reasons why ICAN won the Nobel Peace Prize. An anti-nuclear weapons group won the Nobel Peace Prize — the timing couldn’t be better. Is the Nobel committee trying to send Trump a message?

Nicole B. Porter (Toledo): Accommodating Everyone. Brent Simpson (South Carolina) and Ozan Aksoy (UCL): Cumulative Advantage in Collective Action Groups: How Competition for Group Members Alters the Provision of Public Goods. Bill Wringe (Bilkent): Global Obligations and the Human Right to Health. By what measure: Eli S. Evans on Catalonia and the referendum. Trump vented to Tillerson about law barring US companies from bribing foreign officials. Matt Flegenheimer on Stephen Miller, the powerful survivor on the President’s right flank. Jennifer Weiner on the flagrant sexual hypocrisy of conservative men. Emmett Rensin canvases the new landscape of resistance-themed political consultancy, and finds little more than vacuous sloganeering and New Age flapdoodle — all for a low, low five-figure fee.

Caroline Framke and Constance Grady on the explosive sexual harassment case against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, explained. Why the Harvey Weinstein sexual-harassment allegations didn’t come out until now. Harvey Weinstein is the tip of a huge Hollywood iceberg — that may be starting to melt. Men must step up to change the Hollywood culture that enabled Harvey Weinstein. The era of unleashing: Why Harvey Weinstein can fall and Donald Trump and Breitbart can rise at the same time. Don’t call it “toxic masculinity” — they’re sociopathic baby-men.

How colonialism and racism explain the inept US response to Hurricane Maria. President Trump has no idea what’s happening in Puerto Rico. Trump’s taste for flattery is a disaster for Puerto Rico — and someday the world. Trump is right: We need to forgive Puerto Rico’s debt. Trump should honor his short-lived promise to “wipe out” Puerto Rico’s debt. The cost of Donald Trump’s travel could pay to send 128 cargo ships full of aid to Puerto Rico. Trump’s visit didn’t help Puerto Rico’s recovery efforts — this sustainable-energy plan could. Now Elon Musk is saying Tesla could rebuild Puerto Rico’s entire power grid. Alphabet’s X approved to deploy Project Loon LTE balloons to Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands. Big Tech has big plans to help reconnect Puerto Rico.

The agonizing, undaunted efforts to bring supplies to loved ones in Puerto Rico. “We’ll give you whatever we have”: How organizations are fighting to bring relief to Puerto Rico. Hurricane mauled PR’s renowned Monkey Island research center.