Basil E. Ugochukwu (York): Global Governance in All Its Discrete Forms: The Game, FIFA, and the Third World. Bruce W. Bean (Michigan State): The Perfect Crime? FIFA and the Absence of Accountability in Switzerland. On the IOC and the United Nations as strategic and strange bedfellows: “This is especially important because international sport organizations operate with very little regulation”. Roxanne Caron (McGill): Are the Current World Anti-Doping Agency Guidelines Morally Justifiable? An Overview of Ethical Considerations and Possible Alternatives. Wrestling with the culture of drug testing in sports: The clash of Senegalese wrestling with international anti-doping regulations highlights the cultural biases built into modern athletics. Tim Jaekel (HSE): Modern Sports-for-All Policy: An International Comparison of Policy Goals and Models of Service Delivery.

The #NeverTrumpers still waging war on Twitter: A few faithful rightists, like Evan McMullin and Jennifer Rubin, refuse to accept Trump’s incompetence and venality — will their blogs and tweets force a reckoning? The whole Republican Party is shoring up Trump’s delusions: The president must be shielded from reality at all costs. The Republican dilemma: GOP leaders are stuck trying to rein in Trump’s excesses without alienating their own primary voters, who are largely standing by their president. What’s less popular than Donald Trump? Pretty much everything Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are doing. Donald Trump is exploiting the fatal flaw of the two-party system: Republicans are stuck with Trump — if he goes down, they go down with him.

Are demographics really destiny for the GOP? A new analysis of the 2016 electorate offers warning signs to Republicans, whose base continues to shrink (there are red lights flashing Democrats’ way, too). It’s time to bust the myth: Most Trump voters were not working class. GOP strategists plot anti-media strategy for 2018 elections.

Lara Grow and Nathaniel Grow (Georgia): Protecting Big Data in the Big Leagues: Trade Secrets in Professional Sports. U.S. poised to warn U.N. rights forum of possible withdrawal. The London attack is the new face of terrorism and it's very hard to stop: You can’t catch everyone who decides to turn their car into a killing machine. Congressman Clay Higgins calls for holy war on Muslims on Facebook: “Kill them all”. White House orders agencies to ignore Democrats’ oversight requests (and more). Fox News’ refusal to cover Trump’s scandals makes for bad ratings and boring TV. You can download Marx, Critical Theory, and Religion: A Critique of Rational Choice, ed. Warren S. Goldstein (2006).

Report: Trump administration secretly pressured State Department to lift Russia sanctions. The president “lawyers up”: Bob Bauer on constitutional duty and private interest in the Trump legal defense. Deutsche Bank ignores U.S. Trump/Russia query: Democratic staffer. What Donald Trump’s Russia investigation really means for America.

Anthony Curtis Adler (Yonsei): What’s the Deal? Fichte’s Closed Commercial State, Trump, and Economic Nationalism. Hershey H. Friedman (CUNY): How to Really Make America Great Again: Lessons about Selflessness from the Book of Ruth. Trump’s diplomacy of narcissism only makes him look weak. Making ignorance great again: Climate is a casualty in the war on truth. Why Steve Bannon is winning the Game of Thrones: The President of the United States is now in full survival mode and feels compelled to go to war with the world. The lawless presidency: David Leonhardt on the major ways President Trump prefers the rule of rulers to the rule of law.

Is Trump ok? President’s mental stability a “serious problem”, conservatives say. Josh Marshall on the madness of King Trump. Trying to impeach Trump too soon would be the best way to keep him in office. The more Trump fails, the better off we’ll be.

James Mattis is the last adult standing in Trumpworld — that’s unsettling for a lot of reasons. Jeet Heer on H.R. McMaster and the foolish trust in Trump’s “generals”. President Loser: Donald Trump thinks he can fix his presidency with a new communications team — he is deluded. Trump exempts entire senior staff from White House ethics rules. Trump has granted more lobbyist waivers in 4 months than Obama did in 8 years. Russia scandal ices government lawyer hiring: Trump has top DOJ positions as well as U.S. attorney posts and judicial vacancies to fill, but as scandals have spread, the candidate pool has shrunk. Why would anyone want to work for the Trump administration? Trump lags in filling government posts. Will anyone in Washington still work for Donald Trump?

Donald Trump’s triumph of stupidity: German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other G-7 leaders did all they could to convince Trump to remain part of the Paris Agreement, but he didn’t listen — instead, he evoked deep-seated nationalism and plunged the West into a conflict deeper than any since World War II. The epic Trump-Merkel feud, explained: The president’s trip abroad caused a subtle, unsettling shift in the world order. Allies can’t rely on America like they used to — and not just because of Trump. The death knell for America’s global leadership: In an op-ed, the Trump administration’s “adults in the room” envision America in the image of its leader — selfish, isolated, brutish, domineering, and driven by immediate appetites rather than ideals or even longer-term interests.

Can America lead in the age of Trump? The United States has not lost any material power since Trump became president — there are other forms of power, however. How Trump is surrendering America’s soft power: The president continues to think only military and economic might matter — China knows better. Trump hands the Chinese a gift: The chance for global leadership. Is China becoming the world’s most likeable superpower? Trump, the caricature of the ugly American, demeans us all.

Is Trump a new Nixon? Historians can’t agree. American Sociopath: Jerk, liar, bully, thug, con artist, scumbag, asshole — it’s as though acting badly has now become a virtue in Trump’s America, and those who behave the worst are being rewarded rather than punished for their misdeeds. Duncan Black on Trump’s worldview. Trump is not a builder, he’s a destroyer: The president only wants to sabotage and tear down what already exists — and the Republican Party is eager to let him. Trump was never going to support the Paris climate agreement because a collective-action problem is one of the concepts he is unable to grasp — Trump only understands zero-sum logic. Trump simply has no idea what he’s talking about on any subject. “I’d pay so much to just ask Trump fact questions. What is a Protestant? What is Medicaid? What are the tax rates? Who borders Israel?”

Trump’s pathological obsession with being laughed at (and more). Daniel Drezner: I can’t stop laughing at the Trump administration — that’s not a good thing.

A new issue of Cosmos and History is out. Maika De Keyzer (Utrecht): All We Are is Dust in the Wind: The Social Causes of a “Subculture of Coping” in the Late Medieval Coversand Belt. Maria Corina Machado on Venezuela’s epic quest to recover its democracy (and more). How a new kind of protest movement has risen in Venezuela. The enduring mystery of Japan’s economy: Given the demographic realities, Japan is probably doing about as well as they could. Trump wants to divert aid away from women and the environment. Trump’s budget director Mick Mulvaney declares war on math. The Onion leaks a trove of Trump docs. Tom Haberstroh goes inside the “Tinderization” of today’s NBA. Is Tumblr the inheritor of the Dada movement?

The endless loop of terror victims: Indira A.R. Lakshmanan on lazy journalism that lets ISIS run the newsroom. Trump insults London mayor in wake of terrorist attack; he also took the opportunity to complain about political correctness and gun control. Donald Trump is the world’s biggest asshole. The panic president: Rarely does a leader in a liberal democracy embrace, let alone foment, fear — but that’s exactly what Donald Trump did in response to attacks in London, as he has often done before.

How G.O.P. leaders came to view climate change as fake science (and more). Why some American conservatives aren’t worried about climate change. Paris decision underscores the visceral expression of Trump’s worldview. Why Trump actually pulled out of Paris: It wasn’t because of the climate, or to help American business — he needed to troll the world and this was his best shot so far. If the liberal global elites have established a policy architecture to minimize the threat of climate change, weakening that policy architecture is its own reward — there is not much more to it than that. Trump sees alienating our European allies as an end in itself. Donald Trump has no political philosophy beyond pissing off liberals. To the president and the Right, it’s all about spite, not economics or science.

Republicans are the “Rolling Coal” Party: From Paris withdrawal to Obamacare repeal, their agenda is just like the juvenile truck-pollution trend — its goal is to piss off liberals. Don’t just blame Trump for quitting the Paris deal — blame the Republican Party. Trump’s voters are responsible for killing the Paris climate agreement. “This is the absolute perfect distillation of the right’s central position on climate change”. Scott Lemieux on Trump and identity politics. Trump’s Paris climate decision shows the threat rising tribalism poses to the planet: Cosmopolitanism must win the war, or we’re screwed.

Nine reasons Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement doesn’t make sense. Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris accord is performative isolationism. How the states can still fight climate change — without the federal government. Can states and cities really address climate change? Corporate America finally got on board to fight climate change — then came Trump. America’s CEOs fall out of love with Trump. Why are these CEOs still standing with Trump on climate? It turns out Trump can’t just pull the U.S. out of the Paris accord today. Eric Posner on the odd kabuki of the climate pact withdrawal (and part 2).

From NYRB, Tim Flannery on the Paris catastrophe. Are we overreacting to US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate? Living, dying with Trump’s sovereignty: Brian Connolly on withdrawal from climate change. Trump just gave the world the middle finger — here’s what has to happen now.