Populist challenges to the liberal order

Anastasia Stoyanova (HU Berlin): Economic Correlates of Far-Right Electoral Support. Why liberal democracy only dies when conservatives help: Matt O’Brien interviews Daniel Ziblatt, author of Conservative Parties and the Birth of Democracy. I saw the decline of a democracy: Patrick Kingsley on what his reporting in Turkey told him about how its autocratic president is seizing power (and more). Trump’s trampling of political norms spurs strongman comparisons. Jacob T. Levy on the shortcut to

Paper Trail

Guy Trebay remembers the exquisite parties thrown by editor and author Jean Stein, the editor of Grand Street and the co-author of Edie: An American Biography, who died late last month. “At these parties one was as likely to encounter Warren Beatty as the Russian dissident poet Andrei Voznesensky. Among the guests were Tennessee Williams


Sons and Mothers

Margie CookThroughout the history of literature, writers have catalogued the myriad ways a man can love a woman. One complex and emotionally fraught part of this genre is dedicated to the mother-son relationship.

Daily Review

Pièces de Résistance

THAT IT'S COME TO THIS—that I actually find myself, in private thought, trying to explain to nobody in particular (but also to the president of the United States) why we really would be better off letting most of our immigrants stay here, whether they are credentialed


Durga Chew-Bose

A critic who prefers the term “enthusiast,” an essayist who worries she’s really a poet, Durga is an unrivalled player of what Doris Lessing, in The Golden Notebook, calls “the game.”


The Life and Death of Louis Kahn

Wendy Lesser

It was not just the suddenness of his death that made it hard to realize Louis Kahn was gone, Something about the way he disappeared from the world—irregularly, mysteriously, with that strange two-day gap when nobody he knew could find him—left many people unable to take in the facts of his death. For the California relatives, who learned about Lou’s death through a series of relayed phone calls, there was a persistent confusion about