Reason to return

Tomasz Zyglewicz (Warsaw): Can a Consequentialist Be a Good Friend? Colombia’s night before the dawn: As the country prepares for a plebiscite on the peace process, both hope and anxiety abound. The politics of pockets: Chelsea G. Summers on how the history of pockets isn’t just sexist, it’s political. Which institutions are best suited to realising freedom? Alex Prichard and Ruth Kinna on freedom as non-domination. The world’s first Ebola epidemic: An excerpt from Ebola: How a People’s Science

Paper Trail

The parents of Trayvon Martin have signed a book deal with Random House’s One World imprint. Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin will be published in January. The book was acquired by Chris Jackson, the editor in chief of One World. “Everyone who’s been reading the manuscript is in tears by the


Playing with Tennis

Courtney FiskeSomething is lost when tennis is televised. The blocky, overhead vantage favored by networks compresses the court and caricatures its occupants. The ball becomes a blur of fuzz and neon, often shot in

Daily Review

Thus Bad Begins

Early on in Javier Marías’s reputation-galvanizing novel A Heart So White (1992), the narrator, Juan, lies awake on his honeymoon in Havana listening to a couple argue in the hotel room next door. The man on the other side of the wall is a Spaniard, like Juan, and he


Alexandra Kleeman

Alexandra Kleeman's fiction may share affinities with the luminaries of our postmodern canon—Don DeLillo, Robert Coover, and Ben Marcus—but her sensibility equally recalls the films of David Lynch.


Federal Management Q&A: Most Important Advice


Elephants in Lake Charles

Arlie Russell Hochschild

"YOU CAN TELL I’m a Republican,” Janice Areno says as she invites me to sit down in her office, Elephants fill three shelves of a wall opposite her desk, One is blue-and-white porcelain, a second is gold, a third is red, white, and blue and stands near a young child’s drawing of a yellow one.