That will change, and quickly

From New Mexico Law Review, a special issue on Breaking Bad. Christiane Eilders and Cordula Nitsch (Duesseldorf): Politics in Fictional Entertainment: An Empirical Classification of Movies and TV Series. Mateusz Wajzer (Silesia): The Explanatory Potential of Rational Choice Theory: A Critical Assessment. What if Rand Paul were Muslim? Naveed Jamali on the white, privileged assumptions behind his Patriot Act “principles”. David Cole on reining in the NSA: “Sunsets require sunshine. That may be

Paper Trail

The Windham-Campbell Prize and Yale University Press have announced a new book series titles “Why I Write,” which will commence with books by Hilton Als and Patti Smith. Als will also give the keynote speech at this year’s awards ceremony, which will take place on September 28 and will honor Teju Cole, Jackie Sibblies Drury,


The Innocent/Corrupt

Adam ThirlwellA narrator is a much stranger toy at the novelist's disposal than is usually thought. It's not just something as depressingly ordinary as a character—more a vast system of smuggling. And there's one

Daily Review

The Brothers: The Road to an American Tragedy

IN MASHA GESSEN’S The Brothers, the first full-length book on Tamerlan and Jahar Tsarnaev and accordingly the most complete, the two leads share no scenes and speak no lines to each other. They are never alone in a room. How could they be? Tamerlan’s death and Jahar


Maggie Nelson

Maggie Nelson is the only serious and literary person I've encountered whose speech is filled with more "you knows" than mine. Unlike mine, perhaps, her verbal tic is not so much a crutch as a helping hand: she'll be saying something fast, brilliant, and thoughtful, and maybe you don't totally get it, but when she says "you know," she allows you to feel as if you do.


Of Walking in Ice

Werner Herzog

At the end of November 1974, a friend from Paris called and told me that Lotte Eisner was seriously ill and would probably die. I said that this must not be, not at this time, German cinema could not do without her now, we would not permit her death.