The struggle to accommodate the world’s refugees

Reece Jones (Hawaii), Corey Johnson (UNC), Wendy Brown (UC-Berkeley), Gabriel Popescu (IUSB), Polly Pallister-Wilkins (Amsterdam), Alison Mountz (Wilfrid Laurier), and Emily Gilbert (Toronto): Interventions on the State of Sovereignty at the Border. The struggle to accommodate the world’s refugees raises a wider question: Do states have an absolute right to control borders? Phillip Cole on framing statelessness. Krishna Chaitanya Vadlamannati and Grace Kelly (UCD): Welfare Chauvinism? Refugee

Paper Trail

NBC plans to create a new hub dedicated to the coverage of the media industry, and has hired Claire Atkinson, the former media reporter for the New York Post, to head the project. Other new hires include former Buzzfeed news editor Ben Smith and Recode editor Kara Swisher. David Carr, who died in 2015, was


Women in Rock (Criticism)

Quinn Moreland Rock criticism has long been kind to a certain species of (male) character: wannabe experts who are prone to ranting and/or raving and proudly displaying their knowledge of niche subjects. It’s hard

Daily Review

My Heart Hemmed In

The novels of acclaimed French writer Marie NDiaye are set in familiar spaces: domestic worlds, often within cities. Her protagonists are usually determined, upwardly mobile women in pursuit of stability. But NDiaye’s stories also press against the boundaries of realism.


Lucy Ives

Lucy Ives was supposed to be writing her dissertation when Stella Krakus, the main character in Ives’s debut novel, Impossible Views of the World, came into her mind, It would take six years for Stella to fully emerge, but when she did, she brought an unlikely triumvirate of irrepressible qualities: a nerd’s expertise in maps and early Americana, a kooky and misanthropic sense of self, and a gimlet eye for the art world in which she seems surprised to have found herself.


Bookforum: “False Starts”


Notes on a Foreign Country

Suzy Hansen

In the weeks before my departure, I spent hours explaining Turkey’s international relevance to my bored loved ones, no doubt deploying the cliché that Istanbul was the bridge between East and West. At first, my family was not exactly thrilled for me; New York had been vile enough in their minds.