Responsibility in international development

Sahan Savas Karatasli (Princeton): The Capitalist World-Economy in the Longue Duree: Changing Modes of the Global Distribution of Wealth, 1500-2008. Abbas J. Ali on global capitalism and developing countries. In 1990, more than 60% of people in East Asia were in extreme poverty — now only 3.5% are. We can reduce extreme global poverty by three-fourths — right now. John Gibson (Waikato): Poverty Measurement: We Know Less Than Policy Makers Realize. How satellite images are helping find the world’s

Paper Trail

At The Guardian, Claudia Rankine explains her plans for her MacArthur “Genius” grant money—she’s going to create a Racial Imaginary Institute. Part art space, part think tank, the Institute will study whiteness, because, Rankine says, “it’s never been the object of inquiry to understand its paranoia, its violence, its rage.” She was motivated when she


After Attica

Jack GrossLast month marked the forty-fifth anniversary of the Attica prison revolt. At the outset of the four-day takeover, the prisoners released a list of practical proposals, the first of which read: "Apply

Daily Review

The Perils of Peak Attention

Two new books assess the quality of our digital lives: How do we shake off the village when we carry the world in our pocket?


Alexandra Kleeman

Alexandra Kleeman's fiction may share affinities with the luminaries of our postmodern canon—Don DeLillo, Robert Coover, and Ben Marcus—but her sensibility equally recalls the films of David Lynch.


Elephants in Lake Charles

Arlie Russell Hochschild

"YOU CAN TELL I’m a Republican,” Janice Areno says as she invites me to sit down in her office, Elephants fill three shelves of a wall opposite her desk, One is blue-and-white porcelain, a second is gold, a third is red, white, and blue and stands near a young child’s drawing of a yellow one.