The state of American jobs

Orly Lobel (San Diego): The Gig Economy and The Future of Employment and Labor Law. Andrew Elmore (NYU): The Future of Fast Food Governance. How did Walmart get cleaner stores and higher sales? It paid its people more. Amazon's new 30-hour work week will change your job, too. The state of American jobs: How the shifting economic landscape is reshaping work and society and affecting the way people think about the skills and training they need to get ahead. Inside jobs: Hear what American workers

Paper Trail

This year’s PEN World Voices Festival will focus on “gender and power in the age of President Trump.” The festival usually highlights a country or continent, but PEN America executive director Suzanne Nossel said that the current political situation necessitated a topic change. “Amid visa bans and an America First foreign policy,” she said, “PEN


Shock Waves: A Syllabus for the End Times

Fuck TheoryI'D LIKE TO START WITH A SIMPLE BUT EXPANSIVE ASSERTION: The fundamental epistemological problem of recent intellectual history has been the privileging of contradiction over contrariety. To put it

Daily Review

Age of Anger: A History of the Present

It didn't take long following the first utterance of those dreadful four words almost no one expected to hear—president-elect Donald Trump—for political shock to give way to an onslaught of analyses of how an event so recently unimaginable had been hiding in plain sight.


John Darnielle

John Darnielle is a master of sympathetically depicting his characters, both in his music (he's the front man of the indie-folk band the Mountain Goats) and his novels, In both mediums, Darnielle renders his subjects—whether they are weirdos, sinners or some combination of the two—with tender empathy, His new novel, Universal Harvester, details the lives of Jeremy, a video-store clerk, and Stephanie, the schoolteacher he has a crush on.


Charles Baxter Discusses His Early Life and Career


The Officers' Club

Ludmilla Petrushevskaya

The first time I ran away I must have been seven, soon after the victory,In early June I spent several days in the wild, I didn't sleep in Strukovsky Garden: around there, all the usable spots had been defiled; through the cracks in the band shell I could see feces and mold.