The next phase of Brexit

Tore Vincent Olsen and Christian F. Rostboll (Copenhagen): Why Withdrawal from the European Union is Undemocratic. Tobias Lock and Tom Gerald Daly (Edinburgh): Brexit and the British Bill of Rights. Wolf-Georg Ringe (Hamburg): The Irrelevance of Brexit for the European Financial Market. Brexit, pursued by despair: Brexit is just the latest alibi to mask the austerity con. Jonathan White on Brexit, populism and the promise of agency. Steven Corbett (Hope): The Social Consequences of Brexit for

Paper Trail

Bob Dylan will accept his Nobel Prize after one of his previously-scheduled performances in Stockholm this weekend. In a “Good news about Dylan” blog post, Swedish Academy permanent secretary Sara Danius wrote that the Academy “will show up at one of the performances,” but that Dylan will not be giving his required lecture at the


End of an Era

Emmett RensinThe era of Obama is over. Now the majority of Americans may see it clearly for the first time. Over the past eight years, it has become apparent that President Obama's presence in office was a distortion.

Daily Review

You Say to Brick: The Life of Louis Kahn

Readers could be forgiven for assuming that the biographer of an architect might devote her most incisive analysis to the work of her subject, particularly if that subject happens to be widely acknowledged as one of the masters of the twentieth century. The first, bracing


Melissa Febos

In the early essays of Melissa Febos's Abandon Me, we watch her build a relationship with a bedazzling lover as she mines her past for the stories that made her the person she is—from an exploration of hickeys to a taxonomy of the gifts she receives from her lover, which are "beautiful and a little gruesome."


Anne-Marie Slaughter: 2016 National Book Festival


The Walk

Deb Olin Unferth

The idea was to go for a walk: the baby in a stroller, the child by the hand, the path straight and scenic, the weather warm and breezy, the family fine and in good humor,But the dog got too hot and lay panting on the ground, and they'd forgotten again to bring the water. The baby (Kryptonite, they called her) was in one of her moods, weeping on and off, refusing to sit in the stroller, tugging off her hat and throwing it into the dirt, so that they had to stop every few yards,