Trumpcare is crap

Trumpcare is a giant slush fund: A provision in the Senate’s bill gives states near-carte blanche to spend health care money on whatever they want. Democrats are warning that Trumpcare will kill people — is it convincing? I only protested the Affordable Care Act because the president was black — please don’t take away my health insurance. Republicans don’t hold town halls anymore. Even Paul Ryan admits Trumpcare is crap. Warren: The next step for Dems is single-payer health care. Why Donald Trump

Paper Trail

Columbia Journalism Review looks at the breakdown of the wall separating news and advertising at the New York Times. In examples that range from Times articles about conferences that don’t mention the paper’s financial interest in them, to weekly meetings between section editors and the advertising department in order to find mutually-beneficial projects, Jeff Gerth


Civilizations in Crisis: Chinese Speculative Fiction

Darren HuangIn the Chinese literary world, speculative fiction has long been a necessary means of critique and protest against an overbearing regime. Science fiction authors create new (often dystopian) universes

Daily Review

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

On the morning of June 9, 2012, Avtar Singh called 911 in Selma, California, to say that he had killed his family and was about to turn the gun on himself. When the police reached his house, they sent in a robot equipped with a camera. The feed from the robot showed


Sunaura Taylor

A few years ago, while Sunaura Taylor was researching her new book, Beasts of Burden: Animal and Disability Liberation, she came across the story of a fox who was born with the same disability that Taylor has—arthrogryposis, a contracture of the joints.


The Changeling

Victor LaValle

The basement felt warmer than the garage. Down the Kagwa boys went. The basement sat as one grand open plane. In the far corner stood the boiler—a large white cylinder with a blue control panel, copper pipes running up into the ceiling and a silver tube running outside through the wall. It looked like something from the set of James Whale’s Frankenstein. The boiler rumbled now as if reanimating life.