Is Africa paving a road out of poverty?

Dunia Zongwe (Namibia): It Takes More than a Million Migrants to Build a Continental Empire. Many in the West fear Chinese “aid” to Africa; they’re wrong — here’s why. Can Burkina Faso — Africa’s most coup-prone state — become a stable democracy? Molly Ariotti and Naunihal Singh investigate. Helen Epstein on Uganda: When democracy doesn’t count. Laura Seay on why Ugandans resent (some) international donors and aid groups. Do public goods have to be public? Not in some African countries. Katrina

Paper Trail

Tolstoy’s great-great-granddaughter has organized a public marathon reading of War and Peace across more than thirty Russian cities this week: Readers include Vladimir Urin, director of the Bolshoi ballet, and the great Polish auteur Andrzej Wajda, who made Ashes and Diamonds. Applications for the second annual Matthew Power Literary Reporting Award, the grant honoring the


Selling Citizenship

Atossa Araxia AbrahamianThe idea of buying citizenship tends to invoke Bond villains or the louche drifters in Graham Greene's novels. But it's also a very real practice that offends nationalists, rankles politicians, and

Daily Review

Confessions (On Intimacy, or Supposing You Understand)

People who write professionally about Mariah Carey are required to note her staggering five-octave range, her fourteen top-ten albums, and her insane number of number-one singles (eighteen and counting). But I’m not here to count or be professional. I’m here to talk about Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (2009), Mariah’s novel-length album, which is the thing


Brian Evenson

"Mormon horror writer with avant-garde leanings" might seem like an improbable description, but Evenson excels at bringing different worlds and genres together, and his gift for making contradictory versions of reality overlap often intensifies his work's creepy effects.


The Way We Think about Work Is Broken | Barry Schwartz


After Gay Marriage

Kate Redburn

When the Supreme Court delivered its ruling in June 2015 confirming marriage equality, it was greeted as an historic civil rights achievement. Over the past several years, mounting marriage victories combined with a cresting wave of trans activism had already pushed legal advocates to think beyond gay marriage, the issue that has absorbed the bulk of the movement’s advocacy, resources, and powers of mass mobilization.