The politics of international law

Martti Koskenniemi (Helsinki): International Law as Global Governance. Monica Hakimi (Michigan): The Work of International Law. Umut Ozsu (Carleton): An Anti-Imperialist Universalism? Jus Cogens and the Politics of International Law. Chris O'Meara (UCL): Should International Law Recognize a Right of Humanitarian Intervention? Eulalia W. Petit de Gabriel (Seville): War Crimes, or When International Law Moved Ahead Domestic Law. James B. Kelly (Mississippi): A Basis for Governing: Legitimacy,

Paper Trail

Moonlight writer and director Barry Jenkins is developing a series for Amazon based on Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad. The rights to Jeffrey Tayler and Nina Khruscheva’s In Putin’s Footsteps have been acquired by St. Martin’s Press. The book examines Putin’s impact on the country through snapshots of cities in each of Russia’s eleven time


End of an Era

Emmett RensinThe era of Obama is over. Now the majority of Americans may see it clearly for the first time. Over the past eight years, it has become apparent that President Obama's presence in office was a distortion.

Daily Review

Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus

Melissa Goldbach accused her child's father of having sexually assaulted her during their custody handoff in a Wisconsin parking lot in 2011. When confronted with security footage of events different from those she described, she conceded that the sex had been consensual.


Melissa Febos

In the early essays of Melissa Febos's Abandon Me, we watch her build a relationship with a bedazzling lover as she mines her past for the stories that made her the person she is—from an exploration of hickeys to a taxonomy of the gifts she receives from her lover, which are "beautiful and a little gruesome."


Rahul Mehta on No Other World: A Novel at the 2017 AWP Book Fair


The Walk

Deb Olin Unferth

The idea was to go for a walk: the baby in a stroller, the child by the hand, the path straight and scenic, the weather warm and breezy, the family fine and in good humor,But the dog got too hot and lay panting on the ground, and they'd forgotten again to bring the water. The baby (Kryptonite, they called her) was in one of her moods, weeping on and off, refusing to sit in the stroller, tugging off her hat and throwing it into the dirt, so that they had to stop every few yards,