Democratic Party changed

Duncan Kennedy (Harvard): A Left of Liberal Interpretation of Trump's “Big” Win, Part One: Neoliberalism. Hillary Clinton is furious and resigned and funny and worried: The surreal post-election life of the woman who would have been president. The one thing Democrats like about Trump. Katy Waldman on the rise of the liberal conspiracy theorist: Louise Mensch’s loony Trump fantasies fill a craving the Left didn’t know it had. Democrats are falling for fake news about Russia: Why liberal conspiracy

Paper Trail

At the New Yorker, Jill Lepore looks at a new (and newly relevant) batch of dystopian novels. In his new book, Giant of the Senate, Al Franken recalls likening Ted Cruz to “a Carnival cruise” (and noting that both are “full of shit”). Cruz has responded: “Al is trying to sell books and apparently he’s


End of an Era

Emmett RensinThe era of Obama is over. Now the majority of Americans may see it clearly for the first time. Over the past eight years, it has become apparent that President Obama’s presence in office was a distortion.

Daily Review

Tour de Raunch

ABOUT A DOZEN YEARS AGO a friend of mine described to me the literary magazine he thought America really needed. It would feature the country’s best fiction writers—specifically, its most refined stylists—and in this quarterly they would write only hard-core erotica.


Durga Chew-Bose

A critic who prefers the term “enthusiast,” an essayist who worries she’s really a poet, Durga is an unrivalled player of what Doris Lessing, in The Golden Notebook, calls “the game.”


Bookforum: “False Starts”


The Life and Death of Louis Kahn

Wendy Lesser

It was not just the suddenness of his death that made it hard to realize Louis Kahn was gone, Something about the way he disappeared from the world—irregularly, mysteriously, with that strange two-day gap when nobody he knew could find him—left many people unable to take in the facts of his death. For the California relatives, who learned about Lou’s death through a series of relayed phone calls, there was a persistent confusion about