Facebook’s political nightmare is getting worse

From Bloomberg, how Facebook’s political unit enables the dark art of digital propaganda. Facebook’s 2016 election team gave advertisers a blueprint to a divided US. Former Facebook exec Chamath Palihapitiya says social media is ripping apart society (and more). Facebook slowly realizing it might be ruining democracy. Facebook’s political nightmare is getting worse ahead of the 2018 midterms. Ban Facebook before elections: The company refuses to regulate fake news, so the U.S. government should

Paper Trail

The National Book Foundation has announced the judges for the 2018 National Book Awards. The longlist for the prize will be revealed in September. Michael Caine is writing a new memoir. Blowing the Bloody Doors Off—And Other Lessons in Life will be published by Hachette books and does not yet have a publication date. The


Marriage Reimagined

Laura SmithIt is easy to view the vast and varied landscape of marriage in the present day as a radical departure from a more conservative past. But many of these marriage alternatives—including polyamory, open

Daily Review

The Sparsholt Affair

A fan of Alan Hollinghurst’s masterpiece The Line of Beauty has created a Twitter account, @lollinghurst, to document the many epigrams and sly jokes and thrillingly acute descriptions found throughout that novel. These “lines of beauty” don’t just serve to decorate the


Mathieu Lindon

The human capacity for love is vast and open, yet the word love is often limited: it’s the feeling between people with shared DNA, or the volatile emotion of romance. Mathieu Lindon has experienced life-altering forms of love that defy these categories.


Minds of the Immortals: Emily Wilson on translating "The Odyssey"

Ben Shields

“The minds of the immortals rarely change,” old King Nestor tells Telemachus in Book III of The Odyssey, That may be true, but the ways that we experience and imagine those gods change regularly, Since the sixteenth century, dozens of English-language translators have traversed the epics of archaic Hellas, and all of them have returned with their own unique account: Blank verse, couplets, and prose are all available portals into Homer.