How to survive solitary confinement

Laura L. Rovner (Denver): Dignity and the Eighth Amendment: A New Approach to Challenging Solitary Confinement. Dickens, Tocqueville, and the U.N. all agree about this American invention — it’s torture: The introduction to Hell is a Very Small Place: Voices from Solitary Confinement, ed. Jean Casella, James Ridgeway, and Sarah Shourd (and more). Eight principles for reforming solitary confinement: Margo Schlanger and Amy Fettig on how we can reduce, make more humane, and ultimately eliminate a

Paper Trail

MTV News is relaunching with some big-name new hires from both old- and new-media, including Grantland’s former editorial director Dan Fierman, longtime Spin author Charles Aaron, Pitchfork Review editor Jessica Hopper, political author Ana Marie Cox, and the New Republic’s Jamil Smith (among others). The UK newspaper The Independent will publish its last print edition


Selling Citizenship

Atossa Araxia AbrahamianThe idea of buying citizenship tends to invoke Bond villains or the louche drifters in Graham Greene's novels. But it's also a very real practice that offends nationalists, rankles politicians, and

Daily Review

The Fugitives

The Fugitives is the story of a writer who can’t, or won’t—always a fuzzy distinction—write any more. By the time we meet Alexander Mulligan, his dead-ended third novel is years late. Off the page, things seem to be wrapping up all too quickly. He has left his


Brian Evenson

"Mormon horror writer with avant-garde leanings" might seem like an improbable description, but Evenson excels at bringing different worlds and genres together, and his gift for making contradictory versions of reality overlap often intensifies his work's creepy effects.


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After Gay Marriage

Kate Redburn

When the Supreme Court delivered its ruling in June 2015 confirming marriage equality, it was greeted as an historic civil rights achievement. Over the past several years, mounting marriage victories combined with a cresting wave of trans activism had already pushed legal advocates to think beyond gay marriage, the issue that has absorbed the bulk of the movement’s advocacy, resources, and powers of mass mobilization.