Testing race

Vinay Harpalani (Savannah): The Double-Consciousness of Race-Consciousness and the Bermuda Triangle of University Admissions. Prasad Krishnamurthy and Aaron S. Edlin (UC-Berkeley): Affirmative Action and Stereotypes in Higher Education Admissions. Richard Lempert (Michigan): Affirmative Action in the United States: A Brief Summary of the Law and Social Science. Peter H. Schuck (Yale): Assessing Affirmative Action. Samantha L Bowden (South Florida): The Myth of “Post-racial” America: Color-blind

Paper Trail

Bill de Blasio has blamed the media for “dividing” people. Not a very original move, but mayor’s irritation in this case is somewhat understandable. He was asked in a press briefing whether he’d let his children recite some of the chants that have been sung at protests in recent weeks, specifically those that compare the


Andre Dubus's best characters

Bibi DeitzAndre Dubus's literary superpower is to hit upon that one thing about a character that makes him him, or her her. And in so doing, with subtle, clever details—breadcrumbs on the trail to the nucleus

Daily Review

Songs of S.

Poets have long inhabited personas and channeled voices. As Frank Bidart suggests in his poem "Advice to the Players," artists, particularly poets, take on the roles of others to create a "mirror in which we see ourselves."


Meghan Daum

Meghan Daum published her first collection of essays, My Misspent Youth (2001), to wide praise. In the title essay, Daum described living in Manhattan as a writer in her mid-twenties, and the difficulty of discerning truth from fantasy in a city that lends itself to easy mythologizing.


A Store of Half-Knowledge

Charles D'Ambrosio

The essay, at its best, is a genre shaped by the character of its author. Charles D’Ambrosio describes it as “a forum for self-doubt.” The author’s irresolution runs throughout Loitering, his new collection. “We are more intimately bound to one another by our kindred doubts than our brave conclusions,” he notes. By communicating uncertainty, D’Ambrosio eases its isolation.