Of terrorism

Mario Coccia (ASU): General Causes of Terrorism: High Population Growth in Problematic Society. Saeed Bragheri (Akdeniz): The Military Use of Children by the Syrian-Iraqi Salafi-Jihadist Group. The Blackwater of jihad: A consortium of elite, well-paid fighters from across the former Soviet Union are training jihadis in Syria — their business model could go global. The first chapter from Terror in France: The Rise of Jihad in the West by Gilles Kepel. The myth of the “lone wolf” terrorist: In

Paper Trail

For Pride week, the New York Times has assembled a twenty-year timeline of LGBTQ lit. Karen Rinaldi, a senior vice president of Harper Collins and the author of the novel The End of Men, ponders the difference between writing and editing. For years, editing was her profession, something she saw as a service to writers:


Reading Play

Rennie McDougallWhether or not you consider yourself a gamer, video games have probably found their way into your life. Maybe you spend hours lining up gemstones, hypnotized on your daily commute. Or perhaps you roam

Daily Review

Fire Island of the Mind

IN THE FIRST EPISODE OF Fire Island, Logo TV’s latest burlesque of the evacuated gay male experience, Brandon and Cheyenne buddy up at the Sip-n-Twirl. They drink tequila sodas, margaritas, vodka sodas. They symphonize with the royalty-free music. It’s a perfect night,


Sunaura Taylor

A few years ago, while Sunaura Taylor was researching her new book, Beasts of Burden: Animal and Disability Liberation, she came across the story of a fox who was born with the same disability that Taylor has—arthrogryposis, a contracture of the joints.


Bookforum: “False Starts”


The Changeling

Victor LaValle

The basement felt warmer than the garage. Down the Kagwa boys went. The basement sat as one grand open plane. In the far corner stood the boiler—a large white cylinder with a blue control panel, copper pipes running up into the ceiling and a silver tube running outside through the wall. It looked like something from the set of James Whale’s Frankenstein. The boiler rumbled now as if reanimating life.