Who needs a liberal education?

Eric Hartman (Kansas State) and Antoinette Hertel (St. Joseph’s): Clearer Thinkers, Better People? Unpacking Assumptions in Liberal Education. Who needs a liberal education? Gilbert Meilaender on why we should stop pretending that the liberal arts are important frosting on the cake of an education that is in fact designed for other purposes. An excerpt from Beyond the University: Why Liberal Education Matters by Michael Roth. Why Scott Samuelson teaches Plato to plumbers: Liberal arts and the

Paper Trail

Alan Moore, the author of V for Vendetta, has finished a million-word novel. “I’m not averse to some kind of ebook, eventually,” he said. “As long as I get my huge, cripplingly heavy book to put on my shelf and gloat over, I’ll be happy.” Spin Media laid off nineteen employees and ended the print



Michael Barron"Writing about music," the saying goes, "is like dancing about architecture." If it's meant to dissuade, the warning has gone unheeded: Over the years, a number of novels about music have ingeniously

Daily Review

Women in Clothes

How, and to what extent, clothing matters is the question at the heart of this book, which began in 2012, when Sheila Heti asked Heidi Julavits's advice, for a "little piece about women's fashion." She wanted to know whether Julavits had any "dressing or clothing rules," or a philosophy of clothes; Heti was trying, she writes, "to figure out how to dress."


Ben Lerner

10:04, Ben Lerner's ingenious new novel, is a Sebaldian book made from starkly American material. As in Sebald, time haunts 10:04's narrator, But instead of being haunted by an awful, crumbling past, la Austerlitz, the narrator of 10:04 is swamped by a rising simultaneity; by pasts, presents, and futures happening all at once.


The Midwest: Cities of the Plain

Edmund White

First published in 1980, Edmund White's States of Desire, (recently republished in an expanded edition), is a late-'70s travelogue in which the author candidly describes gay men and gay life in places throughout the US.