The world's a surprisingly happy place

Fabio Zagonari (Bologna): Which Attitudes Will Make Us Individually and Socially Happier and Healthier? A Cross-Culture and Cross-Development Analytical Model. Daniel Gustav Anderson (George Mason): The Mixed Mindfulness of Gross National Happiness. Robert W. McGee (Fayetteville State): Which Countries Have the Happiest People? An Empirical Study of 52 Countries. Pablo Beytia (UCCL): The Singularity of Latin American Patterns of Happiness. “The Danish way” trumps the American dream: Jessica

Paper Trail

A list of English-language books from Osama bin Laden’s private library in his compound in Pakistan has just been declassified. Obama’s Wars by Bob Woodward is on it, as is Noam Chomsky’s Hegemony or Survival. Foreign Policy notes that on this evidence bin Laden appears to have been a Francophile (“Among the materials acquired in


The Innocent/Corrupt

Adam ThirlwellA narrator is a much stranger toy at the novelist's disposal than is usually thought. It's not just something as depressingly ordinary as a character—more a vast system of smuggling. And there's one

Daily Review


It’s always pleasing when a strange and distinctive novelist comes outfitted with a name that she might have invented for one of her strange and distinctive characters, and still more pleasing when the actual facts of her personal history seem to have sprung directly


Dale Peck

Dale Peck is not known for understatement. His reviews, collected under the title Hatchet Jobs, earned him a reputation as one of the most scathing critics of his generation's revered literary voices. Peck's 1993 debut novel, Martin and John, was released as Fucking Martin in the UK.


Dennis Cooper's Haunted HTML Novel

Paige K. Bradley

You could call Dennis Cooper's new HTML novel, Zac’s Haunted House, many things: net art, a glorified Tumblr, a visual novel, a mood board, or a dark night of the Internet's soul. It has just a few words—the chapter titles and a few subtitles embedded in some of the gifs—but it still very clearly belongs to Cooper’s own haunted oeuvre, capable of evoking powerful and gnarled emotions.