About the French election

What pundits are saying about the French election. “This is deadly serious”: French parties set sights on Marine Le Pen. Almost everyone in French politics is working to stop Le Pen. Le Pen calls French parties “completely rotten” as they unite to fend her off. Le Pen steps aside as National Front leader. Sunday’s election shows just how completely French voters have rejected the establishment. The French elections showed the strength of the European far Right — and its limits. What a 1973 French

Paper Trail

Philippa Gregory has signed on to write four books with Touchstone. Three of the books will be a series of novels, following a British family from the seventeenth century to the twentieth century. Gregory’s fourth book will be a work of nonfiction that explores “the contributions of extraordinary, yet little-known women throughout the centuries, historically



Brian Dillon“There’s a fascination frantic / In a ruin that’s romantic” – Gilbert and Sullivan, in The Mikado. Ruins have for several centuries been objects of literary and artistic veneration, reminders of real

Daily Review

Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI

The Osage were warriors, buffalo hunters, harvesters, farmers—one of the great nations of the Great Plains. Europeans who encountered them early on described them as uncommonly tall, well-built, imposing: The "finest men we have ever seen," Thomas Jefferson said in 1804,


Durga Chew-Bose

A critic who prefers the term “enthusiast,” an essayist who worries she’s really a poet, Durga is an unrivalled player of what Doris Lessing, in The Golden Notebook, calls “the game.”


The Life and Death of Louis Kahn

Wendy Lesser

It was not just the suddenness of his death that made it hard to realize Louis Kahn was gone, Something about the way he disappeared from the world—irregularly, mysteriously, with that strange two-day gap when nobody he knew could find him—left many people unable to take in the facts of his death. For the California relatives, who learned about Lou’s death through a series of relayed phone calls, there was a persistent confusion about