Mary Karr

And now, more Stieg Larsson news: Eva Gabrielsson says that she often wrote with the late author Larsson, and now plans to finish the fourth, uncompleted novel of his wildly successful Millennium crime series.

Ignore publicity, shun crowds, refuse recognition, converse only with the classics: Over at the Huffington Post, Anis Shivani offers a new set of rules for writers. It sounds like a gimmick, but he’s serious and sometimes even convincing. “Never for a moment should you think of yourself as successful. You are always a failure, and the better you write, the more you fail, because now the gap between accomplishment and ideal is growing bigger, not smaller.”

The Times’s Paper Cuts blog features a new podcast interview with John Simpson, the chief editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, about how the OED is evolving online. If you haven’t had the opportunity (or the cash) to experience the OED online, you can do so for free until Februrary 5.

Lorrie Moore’s solution to the Huck Finn controversy: Let’s just save it for college.

On Thursday night at the Gramercy Arts Club in New York, Matthea Harvey, Edward Hirsch, Mary Karr, Matthew Rohrer, Gerald Stern, Dara Wier, and others will read at a benefit for poet and teacher Dean Young, who is scheduled to undergo a heart transplant.