Philip Levine, our newest Poet Laureate

Are they ‘protestors,’ ‘looters,’ or ‘rioters?’ The Guardian parses the vocabulary of the UK riots.

Philip Levine is the right poet for our troubled times, Dwight Garner opines: “the work of Philip Levine, America’s new and 18th poet laureate, is welcome because it radiates a heat of a sort not often felt in today’s poetry, that transmitted by grease, soil, factory light, cheap and honest food, sweat, low pay, cigarettes and second shifts. It is a plainspoken poetry ready-made, it seems, for a time of S&P downgrades, a double-dip recession and debts left unpaid.”

The Washington Post will “enhance the quality, quantity and range of [books] content” by laying off their book review editor and folding books coverage into other sections.

Internet fashion zine Put This On chats with Gay Talese about his style.

Do you agonize over drafts or write hundreds of words in a single sitting? (That is, are you a ‘Mozartian’ or a ‘Beethovenian?’) Slate offers some tips for how to write faster.

Don’t be put off by the title: Where Kids Sleep is James Mollison’s amazing photo book of children’s rooms around the world.