Keith Richards, in his younger days.

If you only read one 9/11 piece this weekend (not as if there’s a paucity to choose from) our vote is for David Rieff’s Harper’s cover story on the limits of remembrance.

Linguist Ben Zimmer parses the vocabulary of 9/11; Ponyter considers how Americans' news consumption has changed since the attacks.

Keith Richards’s memoir, Life, is going to be made into a movie. But who will play Keith?

An exceptional number of off-beat, off-Broadway plays have taken their inspiration from literature, as the New Yorker notes: from “Sleep No More,” a loose adaptation of Macbeth; to Elevator Repair Service’s “The Select,” based on Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, and Jez Butterworth’s “Jerusalem,” whose title comes from a William Blake poem.

Bookstores will stay open late on October 18 to meet demand for Haruki Murakami’s forthcoming blockbuster novel, 1Q84.