Amazon now lets you check out Kindle books from your local library.

A first-edition dust jacket of the Great Gatsby is expected to raise more than $175,000 at auction this week.

UK publisher Canongate is defying Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s wishes and tomorrow will release thousands of copies of his unauthorized autobiography that it published in secret.

Columbia Journalism Review assesses the “positive news beat” and the daily media offerings for what Ode Magazine calls “intelligent optimists.”

Dwight Garner is upset that many of the best living writers can’t approximate the “casually herculean pace” of a John Updike or Woody Allen.

Mother Jones interviews graphic novelist Craig Thompson, author of the 672-page book Habibi, a love story set in a fictional Middle East rife with biblical plotlines, numerology, and environmental catastrophe.

Media bias, a problem? Not to Jack Shafer: “As long as I’m eating news, give me the saffron smoothness of New York Times liberalism and the hallelujah hot sauce excitement of Fox News Channel conservatism.”