Christopher Logue, photo by Eamonn McCabe/The Guardian.

Bookforum editor and poet Albert Mobilio joins John Yau and Star Black for a visual arts-inspired reading tonight at 7pm at the Melville House Bookstore in DUMBO, Brooklyn, followed by a discussion with artist Susan Mastrangelo, whose collaboration with Mobilio is currently on display there.

The “maverick” political poet and playwright Christopher Logue has died at age 85 in London. The English literati is already paying tribute: Craig Raine calls Logue “one of the liveliest people I've ever known,” the Times Literary Supplement recalls the poet’s upbraiding of T. S. Eliot in its pages in 1957, and the London Review of Books posts Logue’s poem “Preamble,” as well as a poem by August Kleinzahler dedicated to Logue.

In poetry news from across the pond, John Kinsella, and Alice Oswald have dropped out of consideration for the T .S. Eliot Prize in protest of its sponsor, hedge fund Aurum Funds. “The business of Aurum does not sit with my personal politics and ethics,” Kinsella explains.

Chad Harbach, Deborah Eisenberg, Charles Baxter, and Nathan Englander join the expanding “Year of Reading” roster at The Millions.

Why was T. S. Eliot never cast as the lead in “sexy movies”? In a 1961 letter addressed to his “Dear T. S.,” Groucho Marx wondered just that.